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For three decades these photographers have been drawn to Tuscany and its surrounding areas endeavoring to capture the special light the sculpted countryside the heralded cities and hilltowns and the celebrated art and architecture Their photographic themes include timeless views of ocher landscapes where farmers arrange their haystacks like artists castles overlooking acres of irises and vineyards shadowy cypress trees defining the land explosions of color in springtime incandescent views of Florence Siena and Pisa faces on sculptures faded frescoes in silent cloisters and other details of art and architecture humorous vignettes of the daily round and sparkling Mediterranean seascapes This photographic album of Tuscany is truly unlike any otherIn her fascinating text Marie Ange Guillaume provides a verbal portrait of the scores of artists and writers as well as infamous people who lived or worked in Tuscany including Michelangelo Leonardo Stendhal Savonarola the Brownings Henry James Modigliani Fellini and James Ivory The anecdotal text liberally flavored with quotes from the letters and diaries of these well known individuals provides insights about Tuscany today and in centuries pastThis book is certain to be a treasured gift for travelers photographers students of art and literature and anyone intrigued by Tuscany and beyond

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