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The 72 images of the World Trade Center presented in this book depict a New York we once knew one we are now working to rebuild For than two decades practically since the Twin Towers were erected Sonja Bullaty and Angelo Lomeo have been photographing these awesome buildings The pictures featured here portray the WTC from all directions starting with views from the east at dawn and ending with evening views from the west There are captivating panoramas from Brooklyn Lower Manhattan New Jersey and uptown taken in all seasons as well as a section showing the grand Plaza at the center of the buildings Together they create an unforgettable portrait of the Twin TowersIntroducing this extraordinary collection of photographs Paul Goldberger's text evokes the Towers and the city they came to symbolize He recalls how they evolved in the public mind targets of criticism to beloved American icons He explains their architectural significance and explores their visceral meaning to New Yorkers In contrast to books depicting the disaster and the days following it this photographic memoir will be welcomed by all of us? New Yorkers and visitors alike ? who yearn to remember the way the city wasA portion of the book's proceeds are donated to the Twin Towers Scholarship Program care of Scholarship America

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    Disclaimer I received this book free from Abbeville Press in exchange for an honest review I did not receive any form of compensationThere are a few times throughout history that people will always remember exactly where they were when they heard the news 911 was definitely one of those occasions I remember being at work in the doctor office that I was working for at the time Our switchboard operator was out sick that day So one of our appointment schedulers Jimmy was working on the switchboard The phones weren't busy yet since our day was just basically starting Jimmy was on the phone with his wife He looked over at me and told me that his wife just said that a plane hit one of the towers Shortly after he completely paled as he told me that his wife said that the other tower had been hit by another planeAt that point everyone in the office made a mad dash to one of the doctor's offices This doctor had a TV in his office and we all huddle around it to find out what was going on One of my coworkers was in tears because her brother was supposed to be in the WTC that very morning making some deliveries Of course she couldn't reach him on the phone So her panic started risingMost people that I know have some similar story of how they remember that day My niece was woken up by her boyfriend who came by to visit At first she thought that he had stopped in to say Happy Birthday In fact he had been on his way to work and heard on the radio He stopped in so he could see her TV That was definitely not the birthday greeting that she expectedNo matter where you were that day the images that were repeatedly shown over and over are forever etched in our memoriesThis book attempts to replace those horrifying images with ones of the WTC at a peaceful time The photos in this book show the WTC at all hours of the day and from all view points It is truly a thing of beauty

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    'The World Trade Center Remembered' is an interesting and moving book It almost plays as a memorial to the buildings something that is referred to by Paul Goldberger in his excellent essay The 72 photos in the book by Sonja Bullaty and Angelo Lomeo show the building intact and from all surrounding directions That they dominated the skyline even for city dwellers is evident That their lack is felt is unspoken but also evidentIn Paul Goldberger's text he gives a history of the building He tells of the bid for construction and what it meant to Radio Row How it was briefly the tallest building in the world and among the last tallest buildings we have built in the United States He talks about the criticism inluding his of the stark and bland architecture of these two imposing monoliths But architecture especially large buildings is not an artform that can be chosen to be ignored and over time these buildings became part of the skyline Their destruction on 911 left a hole This book attempts to show the building in earlier and happier times The photos are arranged by the direction they are taken in and they show the buildings in all sorts of light There is a somberness to this even all these years later Perhaps there always will be for those of us who associate these buildings with the skyline of New YorkI was given a review copy of this ebook by Abbeville Press and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you for allowing me to review this book

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    911 hit close to home for me as my father works in the State Department was a member of the National Guard at the time he was later deployed and we lived in the DC Metropolitan area While DC didn't experience trauma as much as NYC we were still in shock and waited with baited breath for loved ones to call home I had a friend lose her mother in the attacks and as stated my dad went overseas and was profoundly affected by his experience With all of that I am also in love with NYC It is one of the few places in the would I feel happy where I feel strong and alive So this book meant a lot to me in a number of ways Unfortunately my copy from netgalley had a weird formatting issue and cut off the bottom of all the pages I was unable to read all the text and fully experience all of the incredible photography That explains the three stars Also getting this as a e book is absolutely not the way to experience these pictures Every from the majority of what I saw I can tell you that they will be better in full colour and gloss paper not in kindle nook or any other format I will be buying this It is a beautiful way to remember such grand architecture not a slim y profit off of the attacks

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    The text written by Paul Goldberg gives an overview of the development of the World Trade Center and a history of how the architecture was perceived over the course of the building's life The book is filled with beautiful photographs taken by Angelo Lomeo and his wife Sonja Bullaty photos that show the structures at all times of day and night and from all directions It is truly a keepsake reminder of these tragic buildings

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