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Viktor Novak is out of control on and off the rink where he plays for the LA VikingsBowen Miller is the very picture of control in every aspect of his lifeThe Vikings hire Bo to undo the damage Viktor’s bad attitude causes and the two men clash like oil and water or in this case ice This book contains an uptight control freak in designer clothes a reckless hockey player with a foul mouth and enough high sticks to keep two stubborn men in the penalty box forever This is a STANDALONE book in a 4 book series However characters do make cameos in other books and it may add to the experience to read in order32917 UPDATE Release date is coming soon Two Man Advantage has been through final edits and is waiting for a cover

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    45 Stars This was my first Leigh Carman novel and although sports aren't my thing big hunky hockey players often are Viktor is a star player built like a Viking but he's pillaging players out on the ice and costing the team both goals and goodwill After a lifetime under the thumb of his father and the family hockey legacy as well as the loneliness of his deep dark closet Viktor is losing it and endangering his career Enter Bowen Miller PR fixer and the epitome of control freaks to get Viktor in line and repair his reputation It works up to a pointThe first person present tense narrative and alternating POV was splendid at providing character insight These two took me right up to the edge of dislike with their angry exchanges and the battle of wills But the thought processes behind it all made me want to wrap Viktor in a fuzzy blankie and take him home The underlying sexual tension was delicious and when it snapped it was filthy hot Their personalities switched over completely in the bedroom where Viktor got Bo to let go and hand over controlI did get just a bit weary of the frequent anger and stubbornness of Bo and Viktor which is what lost a star and there were not many lighter moments to ease the mood But the transition and unfolding of motivations from the characters turned the book into an absorbing read Secondary characters were mostly peripheral except for Dom Bo’s friend from college and Viktor’s sister Natalia awesome name right? Minor hockey action was good for me and it's a great enemies to lovers story with a secondary hurtcomfort trope RecommendedAn ARC was provided to me by the publisher via Jessie G Book Reviews for an unbiased review

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    4 stars – My third exposure to the books of Leigh Carman Two Man Advantage was a surprise in than one way While the blurb does not clearly indicate it the story does contain light bondage and a significant Domsub element To be fair though I really don’t have a good frame of reference on which to judge how “light” these elements are or even how well they are portrayed because they aren’t my kink of preference But since I firmly believe in the motto “don’t yuck my yum” when talking about kink this review will analyze the BDSM element only insofar as it relates to the plot of the bookPR specialist Bowen Miller accepts what could well be the most difficult challenge of his professional career when he accepts the task of fixing professional hockey player Viktor Novak’s public image a man whose propensity for aggression and violence has begun to put his career in jeopardy because it has started costing the team victories Bo has always been successful in the past by controlling as much of the client’s life as he can That method however sets off the already volatile and combative Vik The dynamic really is rather simple to understand Take control freak Bo and pair him with a man who has always felt like he’s been denied control over every facet of his life a fact that has led him into an out of control spiral and to call the result confrontational is about as much an understatement as comparing an iceberg to an ice cube in a glass of teaNot to mention the fact that their attraction—which starts instantly for both men insta boners eyeroll and which both are oblivious about in the other something the author handled in a method I appreciated—and eventually their sex scenes are also explosive Vik knowing what the consequences will likely be if he fails to cooperate with Bo is enough to give Bo the upper hand when it comes to controlling Vik’s hockey persona but when it comes to the bedroom it’s the one place Vik won’t relinquish control And Bo is just as much of a control freak there too which brings on the bondage and domination element I think I’ll let it be a surprise for the reader as to which character ends up in which role of the Domsub element that permeates the rest of the book While Domsub is not my kink and thus some of the sex scenes left me feeling a little uncomfortable when it’s placed into the context of the story it worked very well as a conduit for the characters to work through their issues This fact is arguably what made the book as enjoyable for me as it was a pleasant surprise given the circumstances These sorts of reading experiences are good for me because they encourage me to be a little less hard no when it comes to deciding on whether to read a book with a kink I’m not particularly comfortable withSince this is the third book of a series some comparisons are in order First though let me note that each of the books works fine as a standalone As much as I enjoyed Two Man Advantage as with the first two books in the series its writing style has both positives and negatives Unlike the first two books though the drama in this book has a much realistic and less contrived feel to it a fact that made this story have a much better flow than the previous two making it much easier to read But instead of the drama pulling me out of the story here there were several small things that did things like timeline quirks within a scene for example order food exchange exactly nine sentences of dialogue food arrives if only it were like that in real life and some excessive descriptions about pointless things that felt like filler just to name a couple Obviously these small things didn’t kill my enjoyment but they did limit it to some degreeAs a whole Two Man Advantage is the best story of the three so far in the series though I found its main characters to be less compelling as those in the previous books As such my rating is the same on this one as the others And that rating is good enough that with one book left to come in the series I am looking forward to seeing how that final book reads The author andor publisher generously provided me a complimentary copy of Two Man Advantage in exchange for this fair and honest reviewFollow Me Reviews by Tammy Kim | Facebook | Twitter

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    PR specialist Bowen Miller The Fixer has just been asked to take on the challenge of a NHL player who is allowing his temper to cause issues for himself and his team And he knows this is not going to be an easy assignmentViktor Novak is hostile combative angry and has a bad attitude and image And now it is reflecting poorly on his team and is putting his career at risk He knows he has problems He is full of self loathing and has been conditioned to feel like a failure and loser He can never please his father the team management or himself He is gay but deep in the closet He feels like he has no control over his life and that no one really cares about him or has faith in him He is not really living his own life or being true to himself He keeps it all bottled up until he just explodes on or off the ice Bo has been solely focused on work control and does not allow emotions or ties with people to cloud his judgment He is gay and out but does not do relationships For awhile they both think the other is straight They have a pretty instant attraction that brings along a lot of confusion antagonism and misunderstandings They push each other's buttons from the beginning Bo is intimidating controlling bossy and micromanages everything Viktor does not really want another person telling him what he has to do They end up in a battle of wills that eventually leads to an explosion of their sexual tension But Bo is shocked to realize that sex with Viktor is not like anything he has ever experienced before There is a dance of dominance between these two between professional life and the bedroom And Viktor's house seems to be the one place Viktor can completely take control of a situation while allowing Bo to free his mind and let someone else make decisions for a change They give each other what the other needs They complement and balance each other in ways they never expected But it will take some time to come to terms with it all and deal with the fears anxiety emotions and hurt feelings as they push and pull at each other Viktor has a lot to really work through He is so full of self hate since he has been conditioned to believe he is worthless He hides his sexuality He reacts strongly and cannot control anything in his life due to swinging emotions He needs understanding acceptance trust and stabilizing influences He needs to find hope that his life can change and improve and have the support to have a chance at getting there Bo needs to be taken care of as much as he takes care of others But he can be intimidating and appear cold And are both stubborn emotional and quick tempered while not always effective at communicating Both of their pasts have shaped who they are and pushed them in different directionsThe sex scenes fit with this couple and their needs Sometimes I wanted to see intimacy vulnerability and reciprocity But I understand why they were written the way they were But a couple of them were not exactly my thing but they were raw heated and tested each of them At first this book was about fun verbal sparring and sexual tension but then meandered into emotional intense situations and battles for control It was told in alternating points of view There were a few things here and there that I questioned or made me roll my eyes But I honestly had a hard time putting it down and I did care about these two and wanted to see them really open up and find a way to make it all work I liked Bo's friend and team media consultant Dom as he was good for comic relief and honest truths And Vik's friend JT was a good anchor for him Vik's family also was a big part of his issues but I liked his sister Nat and brother Sergey This was an antagonistic intense MM hockey romance with strong characters deep seated issues and light BDSM components It does have some humor and banter too These men challenged each other in various ways and I was engaged in their story It can be read as a complete stand alone although characters from the other books are mentioned briefly I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review Follow Me Reviews by Tammy Kim | Facebook | Twitter

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    After liking the first two books in this series a lot I was looking forward to ‘Two Man Advantage’ – and am happy to report that it fulfilled all my expectations and then some A hockey star “skating on the edge of a catastrophe” and a PR specialist “so adept he is called ‘the fixer’” are not exactly two men I’d have expected to match And what did I find when I read this book? Two men one stubborn and rude than the other misunderstandings and conflict preprogrammed before they even meet and passion on both sides that promised the same sort of interpersonal sparks I saw in book one What surprised me in the best way possible was a lot character depth and a deeper back story than in the first two volumes Both Viktor the “catastrophic” hockey player and Bo the “miracle worker” are multilayered men whose issues are not easily solved As a consequence reading this book was quite the ride on than one frontViktor is angry belligerent violent and goes on the attack “just in case” His aggression boils over at the slightest provocation and splashes out around anyone standing within three feet of him metaphorically speaking It hit me from the first page and it was quite an experience – not just because it was so well done and utterly convincing but also because I was curious to find out what caused it and I soon began to wonder if he’d ever be able to get rid of it Behaviors and protective mechanisms – because that is largely what it is for Viktor – are there for a reason and boy does Viktor have reasonsBo is not exactly a wallflower either He has self control than most people – to the point where he could be taken for an icicle rather than a man but his inner energy and temperament are very similar to Viktor’s Bo has learned to channel his aggression better but fundamentally he understands the people who get into a problem with the press because he knows how they feel His success has made him arrogant to the point of nausea and his need to control everything is a protective mechanism in its own rightWatching these two “titans” clash was an amazing experience Both men have emotional walls around them that seem hopelessly secure and yet they both desperately need each other I was on the edge of my seat following the revelations their fights and progress the heat of their physical encounters and their desperate struggle to find a way to be in a relationship they both so clearly wanted even though neither of them admits it for a very long timeIf you like stories about complicated characters who virtually kill each other before they figure out they are meant to be together if you want to see opposite ends of the control spectrum clash and explode and if you’re looking for a read that has character growth deep passion and offers a romance that is as rocky as it is complicated then you will probably like this novel as much as I do I sincerely hope the next one in this sports based series is not too far from publicationNOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

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    WellSo I thought that this started out strong Character introductions went well as I was definitely convinced of their sketch I thought Vik's character was done really well his anger and fear leaping off the pages at you as 100% believable But thenI'm not a bdsm reader It's just one type of romance I've learned is not for me And really this is not a bdsm book However the characters take on roles of D and s which just didn't fit either of them It wasn't believable and I spent a lot of time rolling my eyes And to top it off the anger coming from Vik during these scenes was just awful to the point he becomes physically violent and injures Bo Bo was also physically abusive to Vik which he uses to later justify Vik's aggressiveness NO NOPE I should have stopped there If I continue with this review I'm probably not going to have anything positive to say so I'm just going with I DO NOT RECOMMEND Curiosity is a unique form of torture

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    I'd say of a 35 read It was a low angst easy sweet read

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    Unfortunately I finished this book without a feeling of satisfaction There was a lot of push pull and hot hookup Ds sex between Viktor and Bo They didn't get together emotionally until 89% and then the story skipped 3 weeks with newbie boyfriend stuff all off page There just wasn't much relationship development Bo confided in his friend Dom and Viktor had the support of his sister Nat And then kerplunk the book ended quite abruptly

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is a really hot sexy and totally enjoyable story I read Ms Carman's Fair Catch also a Players in LA series book in March this year and really liked it but I think this is even better Her writing style works for me flowing and immersive Just don't expect to be able to put it down once you startViktor Novak is a fascinating man with so many facets and he reveals it all in his eyes if you look closely Bowman Miller is looking and not just because it is his job to rehabilitate Viktor's image but because he finds the man totally irresistible The unfolding romance between these two men is absolutely exquisite it is not conventional and it is not always soft and sweet but the passion is electric and the friendship is truly valuable There are some elements of great sadness but a wonderfully redemptive ending I read this straight through right into the night because I was absolutely invested in these guys and had to know that they got the HEA that they deserved Ms Carman did not let me down

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    I received a copy to read and review for Wicked ReadsI don't normally read a lot of hockey books but this one got a hold of my with the blurb I loved Vik and Bo The chemistry between the two is instant and never wains Vik is a the bad boy of hockey and Bo is the fixer The only complaint I have about this book was I didn't really get to know a lot about Bo We got to see why Vik was the way he was but I wanted a little back story to Bo I loved Vik's sister she helped us understand Vik The sex scenes were hot as hell between Bo and Vik and the story was good I just wanted to backstory Fast paced steamy hot hockey romance

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    Full Review at Viktor Novak is a hockey player violent on and off the ice At 23 years old he’s fed up that everyone controls his life he can’t be who he wants to be his father is an abusive man who controls his life and belittles him The fact that Viktor is gay in the closet and can’t have a normal relationship without being outing doesn’t help eitherBowen Miller is hired by Viktor’s team to clean up his image and make him respectable for the sponsor press and public Bo controls every aspect of his life and refuses to let anyone take charge of himSo when he meets Viktor he has to face a big challenge tame the beast who attracts him like no one elseI liked this bookI loved Vik he broke my heart he suffers so much and so deeply he made me cryBo is perfect for him they complement each other Vik needs to be in charge in the bedroom it’s the only domain where he can be in charge Bo didn’t know that he needs to be controlled by someone else until he met Vik Each one comforts and appeases the otherThe sex is hot super hot and I really enjoyed itBut I have to say that it’s not really BDSM Vik needs to be in charge yes but he isn’t a Dom either He’s just authoritarian in bedThe feelings between them aren’t properly developed in my opinion It’s a game of power between them during all the book who controls who until the ultimate fight when they broke apart And suddenly they talk about love It was a little weird because except for the lust and the physical attraction there’s no romance at first not at all even for us the reader we don’t read how Vik feels for Bo and vice versaSo when they talk about love I was a little surprisedAnyway it doesn’t spoil the reading at all and Vik and Bob are so adorable that at the end we don’t care how their feelings are developed by the authorIt was a pleasant read with a beautiful happy ending and I liked itoptimummblogwordpresscomThe ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press My review is an honest opinion of the book