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Tobias Bennett is a quiet man who keeps to himselfSullivan Archer is the outgoing star wide receiver for the LA Wild CatsAfter an anonymous sexual encounter both men never expect to see each other againThey were wrong This book contains smooth bendy yoga teachers hot muscular football players and a pool table scene that will have you running out to buy one This is a STANDALONE book in a 4 book series However characters do make cameos in other books and it may add to the experience to read in orderRelease date is up in the air as Match Point will nowl be published by Dreamspinner Press

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    15 HEARTS Told in dual first person POV Fair Catch is a new adult romance I use that term in the loosest of terms between 22 year old yoga instructor parkour enthusiast genius techie and millionaire 5' 6 Tobias Toby Bennett and 25 year old Superbowl winning best NFL wide receiver in the league 6' 6 alpha male Sullivan Van ArcherThat's a lot of hats these main characters wear Usually when I read a story that give their MC holds many titles it's used as the depth and characteristics that story lacksSo is the case with Fair Catch It was the equivalent of reading about paper thin types play acting a romance I'm not a fan of those

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    DNF 80% Choppy writing Contrived drama Predictable villain This is not for me Sorry

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    4 stars – Fair Catch is my second exposure to author Leigh Carman and it’s another dramatic storyline built around a professional athlete In spite of the fact that the plot was largely predictable once the elements were set up and that the characters were much the same as their counterparts in other MM novels using the same trope the storytelling and the intensity of the connection between the main characters is what kept me hooked and ultimately led to my enjoyment of the storyTobias Bennett wasn’t at the gay bar looking for a hookup but it happened and not only was the guy incredibly hot their connection seemed genuine But Toby’s only real relationship was with an abusive man who now has him afraid to pursue anything—even hooking up was way out of character for him NFL wide receiver Sullivan “Van” Archer is among the best in the game and wants to keep it that way despite the fact that it means hiding his true desires and limits him to meaningless one night stands After a serious injury puts him back in the path of the hot guy his friend hooked him up with all those months ago—the guy who ran off like a spooked animal the guy Van hasn’t been able to forget—he breaks tradition and decides to go for But if they’re going to work as a couple they’ll both need to overcome their own big issues and learn how to trust one anotherSports romances are often among my favorites in the genre of MM romance but I have read enough of them now so that I can say that when one of the main characters is a professional athlete especially a professional football player and the other is not they are often so similar to others in the subgenre that there is a definite risk of these characters being cliché On the surface Van’s character fits the pro athlete stereotype of this sort of book he’s at the top of his game deeply closeted and petrified of what would happen if his secret were to become public Toby’s character also fits the mold in many ways he is clueless about who the athlete is supports to some degree the decision to keep the relationship hidden but isn’t happy about it and ultimately gets hurt once there is a serious threat of the secret being revealed And probably the biggest relationship factor that’s common to this category of book comes through loud and clear in this one as well communication is a huge problem between themBut it’s the background plot involving Toby and his ex boyfriend that keeps Fair Catch from being just another example of the cookie cutter professional athlete trope Their past makes Toby so leery to get involved with Van that twice in the early stages of the story Toby ends things before they can get too close And that’s not counting the initial hookup that starts the story This makes for a good and frustrating slow burn because weeks and months pass between these episodes where both keep thinking of the other but neither takes the step to get back into contact The intensity of their physical desire for one another adds to the problem For the reader it’s blazing hot but for the characters it comes at the price of overpowering their need to communicate with one another in order to keep their problems from getting worseWhile this could have made it difficult to connect with the characters the individual character development and the pacing of the novel had me wanting these two to stop running from each other and get their acts together both individually and jointly The conflict between them is also the common formula the subgenre—Toby doesn’t want to be Van’s dirty little secret Van knows Toby deserves better but doesn’t think he can be that man and so on—but then throw in the ugly drama of Toby’s abusive and domineering ex into the mix and things get quite angsty Powder keg meet lit fuse From a broad brush standpoint this part of the plot is also largely predictable but because I had developed an attachment to the characters and their tumultuous relationship the inevitable explosion kept me flipping the pages until it was resolved because I wanted everything to work for them both individually and together Fair Catch had all the makings of a book that should have been only meh for me But instead it was a sizzling intense and dramatic read that had just the right amount of vulnerability and sweetness in the characters that I couldn’t put it down I think the reason was simple instead of what we might expect out of such a pairing in the real world here it’s Toby as the everyday guy who inspires Van the guy at the top of the heap to become a better person not only for Toby but for himself And that’s the sort of thing that keeps me reading romance as a genre The author andor publisher generously provided me a complimentary copy of Fair Catch in exchange for this fair and honest reviewFollow Me Reviews by Tammy Kim | Facebook | Twitter

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    When Van meets Toby and shares a hot club encounter they never expected to see each other again But when Van gets assigned to a yoga class by his trainer due to a healing injury he is surprised to see his hook up is the instructor Thus begins the angsty back and forth between these two men who could not be differentSullivan Archer is is living a double life Van is gay and just wants to be in a real relationship but Sullivan is a closeted football player who is worried that coming out would ruin his career He is funny caring bold protective burly and imposing But he is afraid of truly being himself in public and has to be aware of media attention He struggles with what he wants and needs and what he feels like he can really have He never expected to have the kind of reaction he did to Toby but feels stuck due to his fear and careerToby is quieter centered and avoids attention He is gay out and fit but smaller in stature He is a yoga instructor and likes the adventure of parkour He has been in an abusive relationship so has trust issues and does not respond well to being dominated His reaction to Van scares him He's good at avoiding running or turning Van away and he has plenty of reasons and excusesOh my These twoThe angst the running the fear the lack of communication Their chemistry was volatile so they would combust together but then blow apart again Toby didn't want to be a dirty secret Van knew Toby deserved but still wanted him Things would happen to cause issues guilt or hurt feelings and they would separate again This roller coaster kept going on for months But it gave Van a reason to want to be a better man and to try to get a hold of his life And for Toby to try to get his own life back and quit living in the shadow of his past It wasn't easy and it did not happen overnight There was heartbreak separations some really raw moments and unpleasant scenesThere were people against them But they also had some good ones on their side I loved Toby's flamboyant bestie Leo and Van's friends Cal and Griff I wanted to cause bodily harm to Toby's horrible ex This was a love story between two opposites who weren't really looking but found a connection that they couldn't deny But unfortunately they had a lot to straighten out in their lives in order to have a chance at anything Sometimes circumstances got in their way and other times they did with their own decisions or fears I really liked Van and Toby even when they were driving me crazy It was told in dual points of view that was especially important due to their internalized fears and communication issues They never expected each other but they changed each other's lives But they both had risks to take in order to move forwardI will admit that sometimes it felt a bit repetitivein the beginning it was their physical descriptions and later on it was the sex scenes that often got in the way of them actually talking about their problems But overall it was an enjoyable sexy sweet dramatic and emotional MM story about a pro football player trying to find his way and the man that inspires himThis is a complete stand alone and not related to the first book in the series The male lead of the third book was briefly mentioned at the end of this one but he was not part of the story I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest reviewFollow Me Reviews by Tammy Kim | Facebook | Twitter

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    This book was a big miss for me This book featured a yoga instructor Tobias Bennett and an injured football player Sullivan Archer as they first met as an anonymous hookup and then later as a part of injury therapy Toby was out and Sullivan wasn't so there was the secrecy thing as they sought to protect Van's successful football career I had to put this one down several times because it didn't engage me at all I really hate the non communication thing between grown people Seriously people can't be this averse to talking or asking for what they want Instead of talking they humped each other sillyThe writing wasn't smooth and the characters were so shallow that I didn't feel a connection Then there was sex sex and sex I didn't read book 1 but I was expecting substance than I got in this book Van and Toby were nice guys but the actual story is didn't impress I received this book for free from Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review

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    25 3 Stars I loved the blurb and was really looking forward to this book but it was kind of disappointing I thought the relationship was a bit immature and annoying Van and Toby were both stubborn and too quick to throw in the towel The story needed relationship time to make the love feel believable I love sex in books but in this book it got in the way Times where conversations should have been had to solve issues the characters wound up falling into bed instead of communicating and trying to fix their problems The writing felt choppy and some scenes felt somewhat incomplete I thought the author could have focused much on Van's teammates reaction to his coming out It's just sort of an afterthought in the epilogue and it's a shame because I think it would have made an interesting scene It also made his coming out a little anticlimactic I thought parts of the story were really unrealistic particularly a scene with Toby's ex I don't want to give away any spoilers but there was a scene that I didn't understand the outcome of It didn't make sense and again the scene ended abruptly and the author moved on without involving the reader in something that I think we should have seen on page I feel bad because this is such a negative review so I'll give you the things I liked about the story I loved the secondary characters especially Toby's best friend Leo He was funny and unapologetically himself He was a great support system for Toby and I adored him There were some sweet moments in this book and I liked the characters I just wish we'd gotten of them as a couple All in all this wasn't a horrible book it just needed some work I think While I didn't really care for this book all that much I'd be open to giving the author another try Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure a review wasn’t a requirement

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    I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads There were some really sweet moments in this story about Van an American football star and Toby his yoga teacher While much of the storyline is familiar to any readers of mm sports romance closeted starsecret relationshipthreat of exposure Toby’s personal experiences with an ex boyfriend add a layer of suspense to the story I like Van He wears his star status lightly and reacts with kindness in difficult situations For a main character and a romantic lead he feels a little underdeveloped I wanted to know of his past and I wanted him to have hobbies and interestsThis is really Toby’s story as most of the book is told from his perspective I really didn’t warm to him When he isn’t whipping himself into an emotional frenzy and playing hot and cold with Van he’s allowing himself to be bullied by the ex boyfriend he’s attempting to hide from Meh He’s a bit of a damp squib The action sequences that focused on Toby and Austin his ex were a little bit bewildering at times I hate it when an author allows characters to ignore the simple solution call the police in an obvious effort to draw out drama and tension All the miscommunication in this story felt so contrived and repetitive that I wasn’t terribly invested in the final outcome of Van and Toby’s relationship This is my first book by this author and I struggled with her writing style I found the writing quite choppy and the dialogue didn’t always ring true There was ‘telling’ than ‘showing’ in this book and as a result the characters and situations didn’t quite feel real to me Writing style is always a personal preference so I’d urge readers to download a sample and make up their own minds

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    After enjoying the intense feelings and passion in ‘Match Point’ I was looking forward to another pairing of two men too stubborn to recognize they are made for each other This time one is quiet and withdrawn and shying away from future relationships based on a bad experience with a domineering man The other part of the future couple is a professional football player who is as loud and brash as he is deeply in the closet Talk about opposites While quite different than the first book in terms of plot and tone of the story the emotions and issues between quiet Toby and pushy Van are just as intense as those found in Finn and Dexter’s storyToby and Van’s relationship starts in a rather unusual way Neither of them expects a hookup Toby is too scared of strangers to normally attempt something like that and Van is too well known to be seen in a gay club so he has the club manager bring the men he is interested in to him instead Once they meet neither is opposed to some quick dirty interaction and both expect never to see the other man againFate has other plansThe next time they run into each other Van has been told to take some yoga to help him heal from a hamstring injury and Toby is shocked to find out whom he will be working with Both are shocked but for different reasons and both quickly realize their short encounter may have been only the beginning of something between them neither of them wants to acknowledge was than lust But as Van’s health improves and they get attached to each other they discover a compatibility beyond the physical – and that is when the real problems startJust like the first story in the series the two main characters “speak” in alternate first person and it enabled me to get really close to each of their thought processes and feelings Sometimes that was painful since I was really close to Toby’s fears of being overwhelmed and dominated again as well as his reaction to the ahole ex making an ugly reappearance Van’s dilemma between personal happiness and his success and fame as a professional football player wasn’t an easy situation to deal with either Seeing them both struggle up close and personal made reading this book quite an experienceIf you like stories about opposites who attract if you want to watch two men go from one casual hookup to a deeply passionate relationship and if you’re looking for a read that is as frustrating as it is emotional and has lots of character growth on both sides then you will probably like this novelNOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

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    I have to say I loved the matchup of Toby and Van From their very first meeting they just felt so right I was hooked on the two of them from the start And while there's the predictable angst from the pairing of a closeted guy with someone who's out along with an obvious bad guy in Toby's ex I still really enjoyed seeing how Toby quickly became a part of Van's heartAngst point 1 Any time you have gay characters in an uber masculine setting like professional football it opens up the gates for homophobia and Fair Catch does have its share of this with some of Van's teammates Angst point 2 Add on an ex who was emotionally and physically abusive Angst point 3 Accelerate with said ex upping the ante with some truly deplorable behavior which continues to escalate as the story progresses And cue the crazy drama and tension overload At times it might seem excessive but all of this actually works quite well for this story It certainly did keep my attentionBut my favorite part about this story is the relationship that develops between Toby and Van Toby has been so hurt in the past and Van is not ready to come out they each have their issues but when they are together they really are wonderful Their chemistry is strong and heated and their physical scenes are the kind you need an extra set of batteries on hand for I did get a bit irritated with Van and his actions or rather non actions with his teammates and I was frustrated some with Toby for not telling Van what was going on with his ex But the emotion and love that flows between them is enough to override these things for meI liked that we get the story from both Toby and Van's points of view I'm always a fan of getting both sides of the story since it does give the book depth There's also some good supporting characters and I absolutely adored Toby's best friend and neighbor LeoFair Catch gets 4 stars from me and I do recommend this to MM romance fans particularly those who like sports romance This story is definitely for readers 18 mmm yesyou'll need a cool down after Toby and Van for adult language and MM sexual content plus there are some scenes of attempted forceabuse and mentions of past abuserape that some readers may be sensitive to reading

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    The Blogger GirlsI love football I love football players and I really love to read about them in MM novels This is the second book in the Players of LA series and I was unsure if the author could back it up considering how much I liked the first book In this case I would say Ms Carman is 2 – 0 and I am a lucky girlTobey is a heartbreaker in this one and Van well he is a little bit too just in a different way This book covers a multitude of topics from abusive ex’s closeted celebrities homophobic teammates violence and attempted rape but it also covers a very sexy and romantic relationship between the two men who have a lot to fear but who learn to put that fear aside and trust in each otherFrom the sneak peek at the end of this story we know that another naughty athlete a hockey player this time is on deck for book three I didn’t read it as I like to be surprised but he sounds like he’s going to be a handful I am all in and expecting the author to wow me for a third time What I am really hoping for though is that Leo shows up again He was an amazing secondary character and deserves to find his happily ever after tooIf you love coming out stories big big big guys a bit of angst famous athletes and happy endings than I suggest you give this series and this book a try You do not have to read them in order as they are easily stand alone with the common factor being that they are all men from LA