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Romance is beyond Vivienne’s reachIs it too much to ask for love?The intimacy between them grows yet Jacob still avoids falling in love The playroom releases emotion but that isn’t enough On a trip to Argentina there’s a tragedy that forces Jacob to realize what Vivienne truly means to him“Jacob’s restraint slipped through his fingers Reason hadn’t repressed his raw need nor had it changed what he felt for Vivienne His ability to block out emotion had melted away as he felt an immense draw to the woman he craved It went beyond sating his sexual need because another woman would have been adeuate for that purposeThere was something uniue about Vivienne; she was one of a kind And that realization scared Jacob He hadn’t needed a woman before and had replaced one for another without a second thought Not so any as any threat of losing Vivienne was than he could bear to consider”Jacob hasn’t known a woman like Vivienne before and he is hookedSeries DescriptionSecret Torment is the ninth book in the Bend To My Will series a Rinaldi Romance that unfolds over a series of novellas Jacob Rinaldi made his fortune in wine importing and he travels the world He is a billionaire with his choice of women but is obsessed with having Vivienne Lake This is a steamy romance with BDSM elements Throughout this hot love story Jacob faces the darkness that threatens to engulf him And Vivienne learns the joy of submission while teaching Jacob that love isn’t out of reachGenres wealthy billionaire hero steamy alpha male romance mystery

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    If you have been reading this series and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have you are not alone when thinking about Jacob WE ALL WANT TO SET HIM STRAIGHT He is so afraid to love and be hurt again I feel like climbing inside the story and strangling him I am not a violent person but he has me at my wits end hereVivienne is such a sweet intelligent and able woman I know we don't choose who we fall in love with but at this point I would not judge her for wanting to walk away from him so she can make her dreams of a family loving husband etc come true I know sex with Jacob is scorching HOT Can she walk away from him and realize her dreams? What will she do? It's time to fish or cut baitThis trip to Argentina I think is the final blow With what happened there I think Jacob is definitely scared and ready to go back in his shell once and for all Grrrrrr I cannot wait for the next installment There are only 12 books in this series so a lot is about to happen to our characters Can't wait

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    With Jacob and Vivienne still going strong Jacob wants Vivienne but can never commit to her like she deserves Jacob will always deal with his past and he fears he will drag her into his darkness and Jacob won't let that happen but he can't stay away from Vivienne When Jacob asked Vivienne to accompany him on a trip Jacob fears something happened to Vivienne while she was on a tour bus and made him realize what Vivienne really means to him With Vivienne being ok Jacob is still not himself and proves he can't shake what he is feeling Will Jacob let Vivienne go or will he overcome his past and give her want she truly wants?

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    This is the ninth book in the series and is another exciting read with plenty of variety to keep the reader interested Jacob feels he has failed to protect Vivienne emotionally as well as physically and promises her that he will be there for her in the future; yet he already feels as if he has let her down accepting her love without reciprocating Vivienne means a lot to him which is why he is reluctant to release her from the relationship they have Their scenes are all Jacob has hoped for and even penetrating his emotional armour in an unexpected way While on a business trip to Mendoza Vivienne takes a bus trip into the mountains and when Jacob hears that a bus has crashed he assumes the worst Once his panic subsides desperation takes over; his sense of loss is overwhelming and it occurs to Jacob that Vivienne means everything to him After the scare Jacob wanted to return to New York immediately and after expressing his fears goes silent After the incident in Mendoza when Jacob thought he had lost Vivienne frustration fills him in the play room and his volatile emotion surfaces allowing it to affect Vivienne Vivienne witnesses Jacob’s torment all too aware he is embroiled in emotional trauma But Vivienne knows Jacob would never hurt her all she wants is for him to trust her to trust in them Vivienne is all Jacob wants from life but he knows she would be better off far away from him; he is not just bad for her – he’s just bad Would the darkness win after all? This book also delves into the relationships between Lana and Trace and Vivienne’s parents Daniel’s verbal attacks towards Jacob the development of Vivienne’s business and Jacob’s fundraiser for his charity all these elements contributing to an absolutely enthralling story I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Like an alcoholic taking one drink Jacob was on a binge without end He knew that he wasn't good for Vivienne for anything beyond an electrifying playroom scene and he's said so many times Yet he hadn't listened to his own warnings Jacob and Vivienne's story continues Jacob continues to fight against his ever increasing emotional bond with Vivienne He is still afraid of what the repercussions of his past will allow to occur if he allows himself to open up emotionally During a trip to Argentina Jacob is given a scare and believes that something terrible could have happened to Vivienne He begins to call into uestion his feelings for Vivienne and the safety of the deft of those feelings Will Jacob ever be able to cope with the love that he feels for Vivienne? Will he be able to allow himself to step outside of his comfort zone and let her in? I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    I have really enjoyed reading about the relationship between Vivienne and Jacob and at the beginning of this book it is still everything that he wants Vivienne on the other hand is desperate for him to show any sort of commitment Jacob is still letting his past rule his heart and thinks that he isn't capable of love Vivienne has openly told him that she loves him Jacob thinks something terrible has happened to Vivienne and when he realised she was ok his dark past entered his thoughts and he was too over dominant for Vivienne I hope they get their happy ending

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    I received this Arc of Secret Torment with the promise of leaving an honest review in exchangeAs always Emily's books are absolutely fascinating however when it seems that Jacob appears to have a break through and looks to ready to let Vivian in He turns into this cowardly a hole and push her out again Yet I have to keep reading I am desperately overwhelmed with emotion with this series and completely anxious to get my hands on Daring Confessions

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    Oh I am just loving Jacob and Vivienne and As Vivienne feels herself submitting to Jacob and falls further in to her feelings for him it is wonderful to see the changes in Jacob They have such a deep connection and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see how he handles everything Beautiful images of the areas they travel to as well LoveI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Better betterLoving this series of bookshave been impatient to carry on reading that I have not reviewed many of thembut they are all five star reads This one actually brought back memoriesas Vivienne and Jacob visit some bodegaand I have been on a visit to one while on holidayso I could imagine the scene inside the shop Please if you have not read the seriesthen do soyou will love it

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    This series is getting intense by the chapter I love this seriescan you tell? Just when I think Jacob is falling closer to Vivienne his darkness pulls him away Another awesome bookand ending I can't wait for the next one

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    Jacob and Vivienne continue to grow closer as both of their jobs keep them busy Jacob actually makes an interesting proposal to help lighten Vivienne’s work pressure so that she can travel with him easily and with less stress New boundaries are pushed in the playroom showing Jacob just how committed Vivienne is to be his submissive On a fabulous trip to Argentina Jacob gets a scare that truly rocks his beliefs on love and commitment may we finally see the walls crumble? Or will he find new ways to keep Vivienne at a distance?