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Publisher notethere was an error during the upload process that has been fixed Sorry for the changes Jaye Jenkins is dealing with the death of her fiance an overbearing mother and an awkward social existence when a green eyed stranger stumbles into her life For some reason she can't stop thinking about the mysterious man she knows she has no right to be fantasizing about Suddenly an uncontrollable situation occurs and in a single moment one simple act of kindness changes everything

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    A Feel Good Hit Xavier has completely gutted me with this story all the while giving me hope in humanity As people I think we take life and the simple things for granted We live our everyday lives doing the same mundane routines We need to stop and look around see what the world can offer us and maybe by the grace of God we can make a difference in someone's life Maybe just maybe after you finish this book you will see a whole new light on what we take for granted Let me introduce you to Jaye and Archer Two people who have been living in a rut But just one small and simple moment could change everything and breath life back into them Jaye has had a difficult three years losing the man she loved all to soon Just living life as she knows it Still stuck in the past Her story is about finding herself again And life is about to throw her a curveball Now Archer My sweet Archer He is an Army Vet down on his luck he's trying to survive all while battling PTSD He's this gentle soul that nobody and I mean nobody would even give him the time of day or even the respect that he deserves He just needs that one person to show him COMPASSION His love for humanity is all but gone until Jaye walks into his life Ok enough of the story line I will NOT give you any details But I honestly think this book will hit you in the feel goods and I swear you will want to just hold and squeeze Archer for the rest of your life I can't wait for you to read this story and I hope it touches your heart like it did mine

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    I love it when a books pleasantly surprises me I haven't read the author before and often than now I am giving new to me authors extra scrutiny before I pick up a book Too many frogs out there not enough Princes sob everytime I say Prince these days I can't help but tear up a littleBut this was very good and enough now that I have a new author to look forThe story is told in alternating chapter POVs in first person from Jaye the heroine and Archer the heroJaye is a single lady librarian who lives in an upscale neighborhood She has a job she loves and a family who loves her Her only real issue is that her life has been somewhat on hold in the personal front since her fiance died three years ago And in many ways she's subconsciously behaving as if her fiance is just out on an extended break She hasn't packed up his things the house is his personality than hers etcArcher is a war vet who has returned with a limp courtesy of shrapnel from his last tragic mission which saw the death of his two best friends He is also suffering from PTSD thanks to that last missions as well Through a series of circumstances each unfortunate than the last he has found himself homeless Their paths cross when she sees him rifling through her garbage In a moment of compassion she offers him some food and a relationship is bornI am one of those persons who run far away from those slick billionaire books This is the total opposite And I LOVED it Archer has no money and no job But he is totally wonderful And even though it seems like he has nothing material to contribute to his relationship with Jaye he is invaluable when it comes to making her face some of her own demons and building up her own self confidence This is a very low conflict romance but there is tension It would be remiss of me not to say that Archer's lack of a job isn't a real issue because it is Even as a reader I was needing for him to find something because a job even something very simple is very powerful psychologically Most People need to be able to do something earn their way and contribute in order to feel some self worth And this would be especially true for a personality like Archer A man who went into the military to serveI loved he progression of the story and the romance It was sweet and hot Jaye's personality was optimistic and bubbly Archer's was reserved But they worked together very well The sex scenes were explicit but didn't overwhelm the storyThe book also employed the convention of the two narrators breaking the fourth wall and speaking directly to the reader I like the deployment of that in this book Sometimes that convention comes off as a little too precious But it worked really nicely hereGood book Recommended

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    This is just the book I needed at this time Will write review later today

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    I was given an ARC of this book in return for an honest review Here is said reviewThis was my first book by Xavier Neal so I wasn’t really sure what to expect or if I’d even like it I was about 10% in when I knew this book was going to leave a mark on my heart and soul And it didI read it in 1 night I just couldn’t put it down Xavier’s writing style pulled me in right away Her characters were so REAL They talked to themselves like full on conversations and were witty and sarcastic as hell I was laughing and nodding my head and at some points even talking back to them They were that realFriends That’s it Maybe naked friends? No Definitely clothes on only friends Archer CoxThe story line is amazing Taken from the real world it’s something you hear about read about and for most turn the other way Kindness whether it be a smile a helping hand or a slice of leftover pizza a small act of kindness can change a person’s day or life It’s so true to life you can feel the pain and struggles that Archer is facing and also the turmoil that Jaye is working through while trying to help him and work on herself as well“Love and compassion are necessities not luxuries Without them humanity cannot survive” Dalai LamaAnd omg the sexual chemistry between these two SMOKIN’ You will need to change your panties during their bedroom scenesThis was a 5 phenomenal stars read for me It’s only January and I can already say this will be on my top 10 list for 2016 I will be thinking of Archer and Jaye for a long time to come

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    I have known of this author for a while and indeed have brought many of her books However this is the first one I have actually read This story is interracial Its is a Black femalewhite maleI enjoyed Jaye and Archer's story's story It was a sweet gentle and at in places funny read The author in this book puts a lot of what the characters' private thoughts are into the book It would have increased my personal enjoyment of the story if there had been a lot dialogue between the couple instead of us hearing their private thoughts Strange how one act of compassion can open the door to so many other things One just has to take the first step I loved that 95% of the book was about the couple There were other minor characters but that is what they were minor I did not like Maggie at all she reflected the stereotypical response of most of humanity about people and circumstances alien to their livesDefinitely worth a read

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    So many thoughts on this one don't know where to start With the easiest one I guess I lovedLOVED it In Dutch we have a saying wie goed doet goed ontmoet Literally translated if you do good you'll meet good obviously meaning who does good things to others will receive good things in return Exactly what this book is about By showing just a little bit of compassion to a homeless man a drop dead gorgeous one Jaye end up finding the love of her life in Archer this was not a spoiler it's a romance story for Cupid's sake When I started with this book I had a feeling of déjà vu I've read this story before It reminded me of the Damaged Souls Series 3 Book Box Set Scarred Open Wounds Healed by Twyla Turner but also of Juicy by Pepper Pace And yes there are similarities with both stories especially the Damaged Souls series that also tells the story of a wounded veteran who lost his way and became homeless and find his love match in a lonely scarred young woman But the similarities are just on the surface The execution of each story is quite different making all 3 gems in their own right I never wrote a review for the Damaged Soul series but if I were to compare it with Compassion I would say Compassion is slightly better in being that it is a well rounded story and Xavier Neal only needed one book to tell it all instead of 3 installments But this is not a competition so forget I even said this What I liked about this book it deals with an army veteran who is homeless and battling PTSD the heroine is one quirky dudette I liked her a lot dealing with loss an overbearing mother and trying to find her way there was no unnecessary added drama to what was already quite difficult circumstances already for a developing relationship yeah this is a pet peeve I hate it when authors overproduce the drama well written innerdialogues that made sense absolute no cheesy conversations and repetitive lines the sexual chemistry HOTdamn the cameos of personages in other Xavier Neal stories like Merrick Adrenaline Series Presley and Ryder Blue Dream series I still have to read those and a reference to the Senses series apparently Logan and Maxx had a movie deal called Unbreakable haha the typical Xavier Neal writing style her protagonists talks directly to their readers She did this in every book I've read so far and it took some getting used to but it grows on you

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    I'm now 100% convinced that Xavier is incapable of writing a story that i don't fall in love with completely This story hits so true with me that I had tears in my eyes at some points and it had me looking in my phone book for places in my community that I can possibly help Living so close to a military base i didn't have to look far to find a pen pal program for overseas soldiers that i'm going to look into closelyOne act of compassion from one stranger to another and it changes BOTH peoples lives forever One person down at the lowest point in their life Through no fault of their own Down on their luck doesn't even begin to describe Archer's life He gave EVERYTHINGliterally everything he had for his country then came home to find that everything he thought his life was had disappeared Everyone that he thought he could depend on was gone He was left helpless to deal and cope with it allOne person stuck in her life Stuck in the past Afraid to move on One act of kindness and her whole life changes taking Archer along with her Two people with their own problems but they seem to be able to make coping with them so much easier with the others help Jaye truly doesn't care about Archers current lifestyle all she wants to know is HOW it happened and how she can help improve itArcher thinks Jaye is too good to be true Who takes in a homeless war veteran battling PTSD and doesn't be suspicious of him and offers him a life??? How can this perfect woman who takes his breath away look at him and not see the hardship and desolation that has fallen upon him? She makes him think that they could possibly have a futuretogetherhe could learn to cope with is flashbacks and face his pastbut what does he have to offer her?? He knows that SHE is his future and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get her and keep herJaye has no idea what made her offer her supper to the man digging in her garbage She looked him straight in the eyes and saw her future She knows it seems crazy for her to take this stranger in her home and offer him a fresh start She knows her family will NOT understand But she also knows that her heart recognizes its mate and that man is Archer

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    Review to come Just know it's fantastic

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    A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review“If you want others to be happy practice compassion If you want to be happy practice compassion” Dalai LamaThis was a remarkably captivating story It goes to show that a little compassion can make an immediate if not drastic positive change in someone’s life Jaye has been trying to live her life after losing her fiancé in a car accident she goes through the motions to please her parents and friends but can’t seem to truly live out her life the way she wants or with an ounce of true happiness until one fateful nightThe moment Jaye saw Archer digging for food through her garbage she couldn’t help but feel drawn to him she was able to see the real person behind all the dirty clothes and the facial hair that obstructed his beauty The moment their eyes met she was captivated by him his soulful eyes tugged at her heart Archer is an army veteran suffering from PTSD who hasn’t had the best of luck until he happened to stumble upon Jaye’s trashcan this chance encounter will literally change both of their lives The loneliness these two characters experience is heartbreaking Together they learn to overcome the obstacles holding them back Their inability to confront their issues only brought them closer together and helped heal their hearts in the processThe strength Jaye portrayed was awe inspiring and the determination and devotion Archer showed was just as magnificent two lost souls found compassion and love in each other I absolutely fell in love with Archer I couldn’t get enough of this book Xavier Neal has done it once again and written a magnificent plot with amazing charactersHappy Reading

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    5 StarsI was given this book in turn for an honest review A little compassion can change anyone's perspective on life When Jaye shows Archer a little compassion; will he see her true intentions or will doubt tear them apart?Xavier Neal has written a compelling captivating and outstanding story Archer’s story is sure to pull at your heart leaving you with the need to help every man or woman down on their luck Once I started this book I could not put it down leaving me with another 2am finish which was totally worth itJaye is a strong woman who has allowed her true wants and needs from life to fall back; with the help of Archer she realises this and he without her realising brings the true Jaye back to lifeArcher is a complicated man with a very harrowing and haunting past He didn't deserve the path his life took and Jaye could see that With her support encouragement and help Archer was able to become himself again and learn to believeWithout a doubt this story will leave you stunned impressed in love and wanting This story gives encouragement for a better world It gives the extra nudge to those with a heart full of compassion to try and give that little bit and it gives encouragement to those who rarely show compassion to open up and see the possibilities and love that even the slightest bit of compassion can bringIf you love contemporary heart breaking romances full of hope you will absolutely love Compassion by Xavier Neal