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Terrence Paxton finally gets his big break – a contract with one of the big record labels There’s just one thing standing between him and his dream of becoming a rock star Yvonne Ivy Kafando the record label’s intellectual property rights lawyer When she orders him to rush across the country to meet her in New York City the one emotion he feels is anger Ivy has worked hard to arrive where she is But time and again her white male colleagues snap up the high profile clients and she’s left with the scraps Electric Flow Another absolutely unknown rock band that’s breaking every rule of becoming a successful recording artist And now she has to hammer some sense into them When Terrence meets her his anger disappears in the blink of an eye For a woman who tries to hide her femininity beneath masculine behavior she is astoundingly sensual In fact she is generously endowed enough to make him completely forget his manners Everything about her leaves him craving for A lot He stands in front of her frozen unable to stop staring at her in awe until she says “You’re staring at me” What starts out as an annoying business relationship soon turns into sizzling hot emotions But nothing is as easy as it seems and just as they’ve confessed their love for each other they’re torn apart by the person they least expected it This is the fifth and last book in the LOVE IN SANDY BEACH series This 5 book big family contemporary romance series continues where THE ARMSTRONGS left off And you’ll meet many of your beloved Armstrong heroes again Every book contains a complete love story without cliffhangers and can be read as stand alone Follow each sibling on his or her path to a happily ever after and meet again characters from previous stories in each new book All my books contain steamy scenes deep emotions humor and adventure More books in the LOVE IN SANDY BEACH series MOMENTOUS KISSES Allison and Russel BILLIONAIRE KISSES Reese and Nikos TURBULENT KISSES Chase and Pearl DETERMINED KISSES Ethan and Hazel RESOUNDING KISSES Terrence and Ivy

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    I like the premise of this book and I always happy to read books with diverse characters However I found that the execution left a lot to be desired This was a DNF for me The book starts with the Hero going to visit the Heroine who is an IP lawyer for the Record company that wants to sign him The author's description is confusing she makes it sound like he's requesting lawyers but how can you request a lawyer who works for a record company with whom you do not yet have a contract? Surely he would have his own lawyer from a law firm which was independent of the Record company's lawyers? A little later on the Heroine describes the hero as her client but again she works for the record company so how can he be her client? He could be one of her cases but as she is not employed by him I don't see how he can be her client This lead me to believe the author hadn't reasearched the field she was writing about and that dragged me out of the story Which was a shame because the author's description of the heroine being overlooked because she was a woman and black was very realistic after author had the heroine complaining internally about the band putting their music on youtube allowing anyone and everyone download it for free 1 Youtube is a video site not a music downloading site unless this is a different youtube in the author's world 2 Record companies seem to be all over youtube signing acts who have built in audiences so I don't know why this would be an issue All of these things kept dragging me out of the story So I bailed around the 11% mark

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    Terrence Paxton is finally living his dream as a professional Rock Band now that him and his band have nearly got the deal sealed but when Terrence gets called to the record company offices to go and see their new lawyer who has just taken on their case he's not exactly happy Yvonne Kafando who is known as Ivy arranges the meeting to see Terrence she's not happy as she thinks that he's the type of guy who is a complete bad boy but gets what he wants when he wants However when they both meet each other both expectations are the complete opposite Terrence completely forgets all of his manners and words whereas Ivy tries her hardest to not stare at him considering he is gorgeous in her mind After a few hours as they are going over the contract Ivy decides that because they haven't gotten through enough that they should meet early the next morning so that they can continue with the contract even though Ivy knows that Terrence is hardly going to show up on time considering he prefers to wake up way late in the afternoon but little does she know that he will make an acceptance for herTerrence heads back to his brothers place as whilst he's in New York before moving over there permanently he is stopping there He decides to head of for a Nap considering he was up quite early for his meeting but for some reason he can't seem to get Ivy out of his mind he thinks it could be to do with the fact all of his other siblings have all found love and are planning their futures when his brother Grant wakes him a few hours later they both decide to head out for a bit and the last person that he was expecting to see in the bar they were in was his new lawyer As soon as Ivy notices that Terrence is in the bar she grabs her best friendroommate Bella and drags her into the toilets Bella has no idea what's going on considering all she saw was two guys hanging out at the bar Ivy finally manages to blurt out that one of them is Terrene the guy that she met with that morning and even though inside she knows that she is attracted to him she denies it to her roommate until she is red in the face Then the next thing that happens is that Bella deliberately heads on over to the guys and makes Ivy sit in between Terrence and herself and then all of a sudden decides that she needs to go and say hi to a few people and leaves Ivy there with Terrence Terrence can hardly believe his eyes as in front of him is the most gorgeous looking girl in the entire world and she gives of this vibe that she hates him even though he knows that deep down she can't resist him Grant takes this cue to leave for a bit and then they slowly start to talk but you can see the chemistry between them is quite something and everything seems to be going well even when they both give into a kiss but then Grant ends up ruining the moment by messaging Terrence saying that if he needs him to come back then he will otherwise he won't bother After Ivy sees the message she can't help it but rush off and grabbing Belle by the arm and dragging her with her After Bella gives her a talk stating that she needs to stop going for guys that she can control and are kind of weak but needs someone who will take charge of her she decides that she is going to give Terrence a chance Everything seems to be going well but then there's the case that Ivy's father doesn't approve of her dating Terrence due to the fact that he's a Rock Star and also for the fact that he won't understand their culture in his eyes What will Ivy do when it comes to choose between her own family or Terrence Just how far will her father go in order to keep Ivy away from Terrence Also will Terrence be able to keep Ivy in his life even though it might be against her fathers wishesThe only way that you will know is by purchasing this book and giving it a read I enjoyed it whilst I read you felt like your there inside the characters minds If you have already read any of the books in this series then you already know what I'm talking about

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    Loved the book It's another great chapter in the Love in Sandy Beach series I love the character development they are so real you feel as if you are the people in the book or are at least you're part of the story I love that it ties in with the other books in the series but also stands alone Jessica Gray is my favorite non Christian romance author Her books never disappoint

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    I enjoyed this book very much and I can't wait to read by this author This book was about two people who came together at work and their relationship started from there She had to fight to be with him I recommend this book to anyone who loves to read I got this book free for leaving a review

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    Resounding Kisses by Jessica GrayAnother great book they keep getting better all the time great author you need to read her books you will enjoy them I do Ter and girlfriend have a hard time with her father but he finally gives in you need to read the book there is so much to it he is a rock star she is a lawyer I really enjoyed it so will you so enjoy Msrgie

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    The struggle between family and love Always difficult I love the story of 2 people fighting to be happy and decide to be happy regardless Love prevails GreatRead

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    I enjoyed this book