The Life of Helen Riley MOBI î The Life MOBI :ð

The summer of 1998 Helen Riley has the world at her feet not only does she have a gorgeous boyfriend but fantastic life style living in Wimbledon village By rights she should be singing from the roof tops however nothing was as it seemedIn a single night Helen Riley hits rock bottom Life has no meaning any and after months of emotional and physical turmoil at the hands of her boyfriend Greg she decides to take matters into her own hands Firstly she offloads Greg secondly she heads home to Mitcham in Surrey to her urban family of friends Sky and Marie Always on hand to offer love and support whatever life throws at her However in cruel twist of fate Sky delivers some devastating news that blows her world apart Sky’s dying of cancer Determined to make Sky’s wishes come true Helen agrees to whatever is read on her list Her final wish is to go to the Glastonbury festival with her friends Only trouble its twenty four hours away and they don’t have tickets How on earth are they going to get her there? Seemed impossible however Sky had brought the tickets alreadyGlastonbury Festival 1998 here we comeOne last adventures full of funny moments festival mad crazes of mud surfing and the chance of love creeping up on one of the friends Who will it be?

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