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NBA great Tyrone Holliman isn't too thrilled to be traveling to Israel with legendary NCAA coach Digger Dawkins but as an ambassador for his sport he knows how to play the game But neither man can imagine what lies ahead armed abduction by Muslim terrorists that locks America and the Arab world in a confrontation that threatens to become World War III and escalates into action as edgy and fast paced as an NBA playoff game

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    A basketball coach and two NBA players are mistakenly kidnapped by an Israeli Muslim physician Dr Abu Walid This is not the Zionist leader he had intended to kidnap but it doesn't take long to figure out that Allah has given him better bait Meanwhile the US President sees an opportunity to put his name in the history book Was this what Clinton was thinking when he bombed the factories associated with Osama Bin Laden? In fact it seems that everyone has their own reason NOT to find the kidnapped men except for Tyrone's brother who's a Detroit badass' ex cop and his friend Israel's Chief of Police With Chafets' tongue in cheek humor and his expertise on both Middle East and American politics the book strikes a scary chord with reality Somehow I believe all of this could happen