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La obra que presentamos al lector constituye uno de los más interesantes y sugerentes ensayos de divulgación acerca de la Perla de las Antillas que se han escrito en las últimas décadas Este trabajo publicado en su primera versión en castellano por Pureplay Press en Estados Unidos a finales de 2006 ha sido merecedor del premio al Mejor Libro del Año otorgado por International Latino Book Awards Premios Libro Latino Internacional en la categoría HistoriaPolítica IdiomaEspañol «Quien quiera conocer la historia cubana de un vistazo ameno y a la vez profundo aquí tiene el libro ideal El profesor Suchlicki posee un talento especial para elegir lo que es relevante y sabe separarlo de lo que es accesorio»Carlos Alberto Montaner escritor«Interesante informativo accesible llevo 15 años utilizando las varias ediciones de este libro en inglés en mi curso sobre Cuba en Harvard College»Jorge I Domínguez profesor Clarence Dillon de Asuntos Internacionales de la Universidad de Harvard

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    Note November 20 2017 In browsing through my History shelf today I decided that in comparison with other books I've rated there this book would accurately deserve four stars than five though obviously it's still a very good bookCuba has been in the news a lot recently Regrettably this book is too old to directly cover the current transition from Fidel to Raul or even the 2003 crackdown on dissent which imposed draconian prison sentences on over 70 human rights and democracy activists independent journalists and operators of some of the island's burgeoning network of grassroots independent libraries But it does provide a valuable overview of the history of Cuba up to 2002 setting the current regime in its context Modern Americans too often suffer from total historical amnesia about other countries making it impossible for them to realistically understand present conditions And it lays bare the repressive character and intellectual bankruptcy of the Stalinist Castro regime and its failed socio economic policies while not whitewashing the record of the US in Cuba's history eitherOne of the world's foremost scholars in Latin American history Dr Suchlicki has written the definitive well documented the bibliography takes up 12 12 pages popular history of Cuba A perfect antidote to the rose colored propaganda put out by the Castro government and its US solidarity groups it deserves a wide readership

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    I thought this was a well written book covering the social economic and historical aspects of the island I would like to hear what this author has to say about the island's recent history I'll have to poke around a bit and see if he has written anything lately

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    Preparing for a trip to Cuba so I'm reading up on the country This book was written some time ago but it's likely that not much has changedThe history of Cuba is a sad one Domination by outside powers first Spain then the US then the Soviet Union corrupt governments violently overthrown by ineffective governments and vice versa Cuba has few natural resources and never made serious money for its colonial overlords much less its own people Its location is strategic near the United States and as a gateway to the Caribbean and Central America so it has mostly been a place for powerful interests to make a pointMIsruled by the Castro brothers for the last 50 60 years the Cuban people persevere in shared poverty and denial of rights It's clear from this book that Castro did not seize total power in order to implement Communism; rather Communism is a means by which Castro retains his total power Too bad for Cubans that it's a lousy economic systemThe Castros can't live forever or can they? but nothing in Cuba's history or current situation would suggest that the future will be any better

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    Everything you want to know about Cuban history is in there Read it

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    History of Cuba from indigenous times to late 1970s Readable history; emphasis on the 1940s on Read this in preparation for my trip to Cuba