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The Power Series is an ongoing collection of complete and individual short stories with a greater overall story arc The Power Series is set in the not too distant future when technology has advanced to the point that legal and ethical questions abound And much of the series explores such questions while being wrapped in an exciting and thought provoking narrative The Power Series is not connected solely be theme and it is not a retelling of a single event from different points of view though that may occasionally happen Characters and storylines often overlap to push the overall story arc along The Power Series is a series not a serial Understanding one story is not dependent on reading previous stories Because each short story in the series is an entity unto itself they do not have to be read in any particular order Reading a single Power Series story should leave you satisfied that the story was complete but like all good stories it should leave you wanting Season 1 includes Mind Upload Thirty five year old former Marine Roy Michaelson is dying of cancer Before he undergoes an experimental new surgery having his mind uploaded into a computer Roy promises his wife Carolyn that he will see her after the surgery But when he wakes up Carolyn is not there and his world is forever changed Saving Memories Much of who we are depends on our past experiences and our memories of them For seventeen year old Amanda Heller to become the person she is meant to be she must return to the psychiatric ward where she was held as a child in an attempt to save her memories Going to Ground Derek Jackson lives on the streets of Chicago He wants to live in peace to be left alone because he can't control the power surging through him But when he is attacked and his two assailants wind up dead and seriously injured Derek is forced to trust a mysterious stranger The Gamblers Will Benson can see the future in his dreams He gambles everything on the man who will one day terrorize the country and reveals to him the first step toward his dark future in order to save a young man's life and avoid a catastrophe Fearmonger Senator Harlan Davis seeks to avenge his son's death He uses his Senate seat to pass laws that vilify and detain those who have been altered by nanobot injections the same injections that killed his son and did something far worse to him The Road Ahead Part 1 After being sprung from a secret military base robot Roy Michaelson learns about people Altered by the nanobot injections and is introduced to Amanda Heller Will Benson and Derek Jackson Will gives Roy the mission to kill Paul Dockard But things quickly change