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A SELF HELP MANUAL FOR HUMAN BEINGS The Little Book of Emotional Intelligence is an immediate outcome focused primer on the important topic of E which provides practical no nonsense life advice and takes a sideways look at a world which is complicated and overwhelming at times Do you seem to spend half your life counting down the days 'til your next holiday? Does it sometimes feel like your life is being lived on fast forward with little time for reflection or idle amusement? It's time to stop kicking happiness into the long grass and get on with really livingFunny colourful and profound this book is a gripping manual for the human mind enabling you to understand and control your emotions communicate better unpick limiting beliefs and finally get around to living a happier balanced life

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    I really did enjoy this one A very good springboard for you to leap off of if you're in to emotional intelligence I feel that he talks a lot about positive psychology and also Goleman He writes in a very fun easy to digest way and I did learn quite a bit from him

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    Awesome book Fun to read as well