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From the beloved mother daughter team of Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton comes another delightful story in the #1 New York Times bestselling Very Fairy Princess series perfect for Thanksgiving sharing It's Gratitude Day at school Gerry is ready to be grateful and kind all day long She's excited to give her best compliments she's donated a beautiful painting to her class's art gallery and she even has the perfect jar contribution ready for the food drive But when disaster strikes it's tough to stay grateful even on Gratitude Day Can Gerry prove that a fairy princess always has the right attitude of gratitude?

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    it's gratitude day at school and fairy princess is all set to compliment and doo good for others but when things start to go wrong can she turn her frown upside down Cute lessons that many kids could compliment Loved the idea of a gratitude day preschool and up for length

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    Somewhere between a 2 3 star book this was a perfectly fine quick read but in a sea of children's literature it also doesn't have much that made it feel like it stands out I picked it up because of Julie Andrews name realized it is part of a series with the same character but feel a bit let down that it struck me as super commercial feeling and very mainstream I appreciate that it tries to convey the message of gratitude but I honestly felt like the character was fairly egocentric even as she talked of being grateful to others and it came across as highly privileged and slightly irritating rather than feeling relatable Yes it's a kids book and kids are still developing compassion and gratitude but I've met young children far in tune to such concepts than this character That said I am not trying to pan it; it's cute drawings glitter kid appeal and would likely work fine for a quick read

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    Gerry is a grateful fairy princess even when her sparkles explode everywhere and there is a fire drill at school She learns that good things can come out of disappointing ones Sweet illustrations

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    When things go wrong your attidtude can time them around It’s told in a very relatable way I wonder if Kait will start complimenting her friends often now? It seems like it would be a sweet thing to do

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    reminded me a lot of the fancy nancy books

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    A fun story that reinforces that we can control our attitudes and act instead of reacting A little long for my preschoolers but great for elementary age kids

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    A Fairy Princess' example on how to keep your attitude of gratitude even under difficult circumstances

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    Loved this book to show my kids how they can turn a frown upside down It was fun to see how you can make something good out of a disappointment

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    Gratitude day at school turns out to be very stressful for the princess

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    The next time someone upsets me I'm going to tell them that they're straining my attitude of gratitude Stop stealing my sparkle