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DEVIL IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING KIKI SWINSON  Karlie Houston hasn't seen a raise in forever but the payday loan office she manages is raking in the cash So why not get what she's rightfully owed by masterminding a heist? Once her lover Sidney's boys hit all the company's locations at one time there's a fortune to split But suddenly bodies start dropping—and Karlie better devise the perfect plan to survive   TWISTED DECEPTIONSAUNDRA   Raised by a ruthless mother Yazz Armstrong lives by “scheme or die” So she's cool with helping her man Kevon take control of head dealer Caesar’s territory And when the fallout racks up unexpected casualties Yazz finds Caesar's bed a refuge—and his empire hers to help rule Too bad someone with an even lethal agenda won't stop ’til Yazz and her dreams crash and burn for good“Kiki captures the heat of the streets”—Wahida Clark“Saundra offers insight into the ruthless drug game but also offers hope and redemption Fans of SistahSouljah’s groundbreaking The Coldest Winter Everwill immediately note similarities to that powerful novel in Saundra’s writing” —Library Journal on Her Sweetest Revenge

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    Two short stories One by Kiki Swinson The other by SaundraThe first one was the usual Kiki Maybe the characters were annoying But still very readable Two sisters Karlie and Miley plot to steal from the two check cashing places they both work at Karlie's boyfriend and company round out the conspirators But the people they stole the money from want their money backThe second by Saundra was better I'm trying to figure out why I've been avoiding Saundra's books?? Yazz leads her emotionally distant and borderline verbally abusive mothers house to live with Kevon Kevon and Yazz have just started to date Kevon sells drugs and over time now wants Yazz to set someone up named CaesarYazz starts to develop feeling for Caesar He starts to do the same Double crossing her best friend gets murdered she confronts her mother I was happy that she didn't wind up at her moms at the end

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    Devil in Sheep's ClothingKarlie and Miley was in over their heads when they went along with Sidney to rob the check cashing place Trina I knewsomething wasn't right about her the way she was acting at the hotel but the boss girlfriend never would have thought I'm wondering will there be any charges filed against themTwisted DeceptionYazz had it dealing with her mom and what her mom said to her all she wanted was love something that her mom couldn't give I thought that Kevon really loved her but that turned out to be a lie and that he was still with Mid to at least he thought he was To find that Soulja killed Mimi now that was a surprise Wish Ceasar would have survived so he could be with Yazz In the end greed out SouljaKevin and Misti to killed Both stories Money is the root of all evil

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    I enjoyed both stories in this book I would definitely recommend anyone who loves to read to read this book

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    Omg the ending though Hope there is a part two coming real soon

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    The short stories were interesting Nicely written and i felt like the characters were real people Ill recommend this bk

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    This book had 2 different stories that were good Kiki Swinson always does her thing The other author was new to me but I will read something else by her The stories were about people trying to take from others to come up but things don't always go as planned Sometimes lives are lost in the process