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This award winning study of ethnic life in Chicago richly details the various peoples and ethnic institutions in America's heartland city This newly revised and expanded edition also includes chapters on African American migration Chatham Latino Chicago the Chinese in Chicago Asian Indians Korean Americans the new entrepreneurial immigrants and the Swedes There is also a new six chapter section that examines saloons sports crime churches neighborhoods and cemeteries

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    There is a chameleon like aspect to Ethnic Chicago The volume can be used for multiple ends by multiple audiences Most generally it is a Chicago history book But as the title might suggest Ethnic Chicago focuses on cultural topics Of the 22 chapters in the volume 15 are devoted to a single racial or ethnic group with predominant focus on the group’s migration into Chicago Each chapter is written by a different author – Ethnic Chicago is an edited academic style volume In a typical chapter the author describes timing and location when the group migrated to Chicago and where they located themselves in the city The chapter order provides an implicit migrational timeline with groups that migrated to Chicago earlier appearing in earlier chapters More implicitly the authors describe strategies that each group adopted to assimilate into urban American society while at the same time maintaining identification to their native culture Truly for each ethnic group there is a tension between these two goals; a motivation to fit in so as to raise their social status while at the same a desire or perhaps a need both practical and emotional to maintain their unique cultural identity Consistent with this the final chapters of the book address cultural institutions; social settings and activities that facilitated maintenance of cultural identity Saloons churches sports cemetaries all served cultural functions and took on slightly different characteristics across different ethnic groups What interests me is the relative consistency of this assimilation at least for most European ethnic groups arrive in Chicago get denigrated by groups that are already there form geographic and cultural enclaves find strategies for gaining status political economic or social slowly gain acceptance that over time minimizes the salience of ethnic differences This is not to suggest that there were deviations from this overall pattern At minimum the temporal trajectory differed by ethnic group But nonetheless for Europeans in Chicago there seems to be a “bounded” consistency A nice complementary book on the topic of immigration and race albeit for the United States as a whole is Gary Gerstle’s American Crucible

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    This fascinating book covers a hell of a lot of ground I read it a few years ago and managed to retain my interest through all 600 something pages As someone interested in the history of Chicago and also the various challenges faced by all kinds of immigrant and minority groups and their various solutions to such challenges this book had a great appeal