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Have you ever asked yourself the question Why did I do that? Or “Why did I feel that?” For instance have you been in situations where you have lost your temper and said things in the heat of the moment that you later wish you hadn’t or where you have felt fearful or highly anxious at the thought of attending your doctor or dentist appointment or travelling on an Underground tube train or a plane but afterwards wondered what all the fuss was about? Have you ever waited to give a presentation for which you were thoroughly prepared yet still felt a sense of sheer panic rise within you? If you have to any of these examples and countless besides then this book may offer you a helpful explanation In it I explain in layman's terms what I believe is going on within our brain when these kinds of things happen and why we often behave the way we do What I hope will be just as beneficial is to share advice about what we can do to help avoid responding in such a panic stricken or out of control way the next time the situation arises

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