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Welcome to the Sanitarium The perfect length for your in between reading you’ll love the portability of this little slice of damnation as you tremble while you wait for the doctor fear for your life over lunch and lose yourself in the mesmerizing poetry of oblivion It’s that easy to dive into these short horror fiction reads Discover new authors and awake new nightmares each and every month Sound too crazy to be true?Within Sanitarium Horror Fiction and Dark Verse Magazine Issue 40 you will find the horror fiction your deepest fears crave Facing Up by David Gianatasio Breeding in the Spheres by Tyler Tristao The Journal of the Median Man A Face on the Wall by Barry Price The Cottonwood Curse by John Beechem Jesus Fuck; or The Beheading by Jay Helmstutler Exoskeleton by Martin Ian Smith Cemetery Dead Ahead by Leonard J Dawson Stacy by Myles Paine The Third Bell by Ryan Leach Leper Writer by Roo Bardookie On the record with Jeff Menapace Pieces a Short film A little word from our readers Big fan of anything horror here and I must say I really enjoy every bit of content I read on this app Each short story offers something unique horror thiller suspense and a whole lot of scary stuffGreat little find this app especially if you like discovering new Horror Stories

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    Another great issue of Sanitarium featuring disturbing tales from talented new voices