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Even before it collapsed into civil war ethnic cleansing and dissolution Yugoslavia was an archetypical example of a troubled multinational mosaic a state without a single national base or even a majority Its stability and very existence were challenged repeatedly by the tension between the pressures for overarching political cohesion and the defense of separate national identities and aspirationsIn a brilliant analysis of this complex and sensitive national question Ivo Banac provides a comprehensive introduction to Yugoslav political history His book is a genetic study of the ideas circumstances and events that shaped the pattern of relations among the nationalities of Yugoslavia It traces and analyzes the history and characteristics of South Slavic national ideologies connects these trends with Yugoslavia's flawed unification in 1918 and ends with the fatal adoption of the centralist system in 1921Banac focuses on the first two and a half years in the history of the Kingdom of the Serbs Croats and Slovenes because in his view this was the period that set the pattern for subsequent development of the national question The issues that divided the South Slavs and that still divide them today took on definite form during that time he maintainsBanac provides extensive treatment of all of Yugoslavia's nationalities; his sections on the Montenegrins Albanians Macedonians and Bosnian Muslims are unique in the literature In this unbiased account all of the principals and groups assume a tragic fascinationWhen published in 1984 The National Question in Yugoslavia was the first complete introduction to the cultural history of the South Slavic peoples and to the politics of Yugoslavia and it remains a major contribution to the scholarship on modern European nationalism and the stability of multinational states Patrick F R Artisien International Affairs

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    This is the holy grail for understanding the complex interplay of ethnicities and politics in the former Yugoslavia This was the first book I read before doing my college thesis and it has completely shaped my beliefs and study of the region This is history at its best Banac is the man