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Robert Bruce Drynan’s pulse pounding thriller is set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War at its peak narcotics trafficking and guerrilla activities in Colombia and Venezuela When battle scarred ex marine Ryan Haggerty meets Anne Ferguson a school teacher he doesn’t expect to be propelled into a deadly fight for their lives Haggerty and Anne are unaware that they possess knowledge that could expose a corrupt US Army officer involved in a merger between a Colombian drug cartel and Marxists insurgents The Scorpion a shadowy figure who runs the cartel wants Ryan and Anne eliminated A deadly cat and mouse game ensues with police military guerrillas the Scorpion and the CIA hot on their trail When the Scorpion takes Anne hostage he becomes bait to lure Ryan into a trap that will mean death for the two of them Ryan’s efforts to secure her release lead to a showdown in the crumbling old Spanish fortresses and the torrid coastal rain forest of Panama and a confrontation with his own inner demons Domain of the Scorpion is both a moving love story and a psychological thriller Robert Bruce Drynan writes from first hand knowledge living in Venezuela and Colombia between 1966 and 1982 Today he and his wife reside in Mexico where he is completing his next book What Price Liberty He may be reached at domainofthescorpiongmailcom

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