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A Gracious Space Winter Edition is designed to offer support encouragement and guidance to home educators who take on the daunting challenge to educate their children themselves Daily readings are provided to give you support and encouragement in your homeschool adventure These 50 essays are designed to offer you new ways to think about homeschooling comfort for when you run up against your limitations and energy for tackling your highest aspirations Each day's reading includes a quote from a parent or notable individual as well as a sustaining thought to take with you through the day These essays originally appeared on the Brave Writer Facebook page and blog shared hundreds of times Julie Bogart creator of Brave Writer shares insight gleaned from working with thousands of families over 15 years and her own homeschooling experiences five kids 17 years

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    Love love love this book Julie is such an encouragement to parents and homeschoolers It's a way of looking at education based upon each individual childa tailor made education that is human being time not school time She shares personal stories ideas and ways to enjoy your homeschooling journey without making you feel like there's only one right way I like the format of the book also being devotion style with short daily readings