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Although there are many things about this life that I do not understand there are some truths about which I no longer have any doubtWith that introduction Sheri Dew of the general Relief Society presidency offers a faith filled account of what she believes and why She bears powerful testimony of the reality of Jesus Christ that He cares about us personally and will do for each one of us what He has promised He will do She discusses our individual unique missions of mortality reminding us who we are and who we have always been And she expands our understanding of the happiness that comes from living the gospel the power of families the importance of the priesthood the security of having a living prophet the glory of the temple and the transcendent blessings available to all who seek the LordBut No Doubt About It is much than an insightful look at foundational gospel principle

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    Some people have a beef with Sheri Dew because she's a famous 2nd councilor than most RS presidents or because she's written a lot of books or because she's Mormonism's poster feminist But you know what I was thinking while reading this book? That's just who she is She's good at writing She's an editor and a publisher who really knows her stuff I once heard her discuss manuscript selection in a lecture and it blew me away and she's a 5'10 basketball fan from Kansas It's just who she is Her being called by the Lord to fulfill one calling or another is irrelevant Are there people with other so called higher callings? Sure Are there people with different interpretations of how to live the gospel? Of course Are there less acclaimed women who may be articulate or interesting? Almost certainly But this isn't their book this is hers

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    Very good collection of talks aimed at LDS women Sheri Dew does tend to expect a lot of us as women and challenges us to grow often making us feel a bit guilty? but her stories and quotes are uplifting and inspiring and her personal experiences are often funny self deprecating and are very useful in shaping the talk that she is givingShe really has excellent stories to kick off her ideas finds really meaty quotes and does a great job with her topics Some interesting ideas from her book Women have influence on men than men have on women says a colleague she quoted We need to make it fashionable to be good and to do good Speaking of women It is no secret to him Satan that we are the Lord's secret weapon Ezra Taft Benson When you choose to follow Christ you choose to be changed When we label one another we make judgments that divide us from each other and inevitably alienate us from the Lord Almost every major scriptural sermon focuses on the way we treat each other Fifty years from now what we have become shouldn't surprise us because we will have become what we have set our hearts upon As Truman Madsen has said 'At youth our face reveals genetics At fifty we have the face we deserve'

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    I read this book for comfort and as an addition to my scripture study I wasn't expecting to be as impacted as I was Sister Dew's powerful testimony made me feel empowered as a woman frightened of the hardships that may come my way by living the gospel and eager to march forward and become better than I am My fright was small though for permeating that was the ever constant assurance that the reward for living the gospel is unending peace and at this time in my life that's what I long for most Just peace and calm I'm incredibly grateful that I had access to this book and the chance to read it Sister Dew is a remarkable woman I can feel the love of God for each of us shining through the strength of her testimony

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    This was a fantastic book Sheri Dew does a wonderful job of inspiring you to be better as she shares her insites and experiences But mostly her strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and of our divine nature as children of God was what hit home the most It truly made me want to let go of the things of the world and try to be Christ likePS I started reading this book a few years ago and realized I only had 3 chapters left so I finally finished it I don't know why I have such a hard time finishing a book like this even when it is wonderful

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    Great Book Sheri Dew is so inspiring On the back cover she poses two questionsWhat have we come here to do? and How will we do it? Sheri shares experiences from her own life incorporated with gospel teachings that helped me to remember who I am and what is my purpose It left me feeling so inspired Sometimes it was long for me but I did love the book

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    LOVE Sheri Dews example and testimony of the restored gospel It helped give me a greater understanding love and appreciation for our Heavenly Fathers Plan for us as Daughters and Sisters in Zion I went out and bought 3 copies last year after reading it to give to my sister in law and 2 close friends I will re read this book year after year

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    It took me a long time to read this book since I would often want to ponder or work on applying what I read Then I would end up forgetting about it for awhile and then I would pick it back up This is definitely a book I want to read again Principles are stated very clearly and highlighted with examples

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    I loved listening to this book She just knows how to say things boldly I need to read it next time so that I can take note of the really great things she said that touched me Great for EVERY WOMAN to read

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    Listened to an abridged audio book Will have to go back and read the chapters left out sometime

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    I love Sheri's testimony and faith in gospel She discusses our unique missions in life and how we can be truly happy It is an inspiring book that help you become a better person We no longer have the luxury of spending out energy on anything that doesn't lead us and our families to Christ In the days ahead a casual commitment to Christ will not carry us through The time has come or each of us to stand tall and then in doing so to stand together Sheri DewIf you haven't already read it I highly recommend her book Worth the Wrestle It is one of my favorites