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An Octet of Odes Volume One is a compilation of poems that premiers eight unique characters from Princess Planet Each character is imagined with both magic and realism They are created in a world that is as scientific as it is colorful adventurous and fun All of the princesses' stories are rooted in the realities of geography and history They all reflect a love of learning and an appreciation for language diversity and culture Authentic characters were created by women from all over the world who aim to empower and celebrate diversity Each story helps to increase cultural pride inter cultural understanding inner beauty and self worth Volume One is the first book in the collection Over time new characters and stories will be introduced to ensure there's a princess for everyone wwwPrincessPlanetcom

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    Firstly I purchased Volumes 1 AND 2 for my little cousins They are three and five years old They love princesses and dolls So when I found out about these books I thought they were great not only for the special little ones in my life but ALL little girls for the following reasons1 The princesses represented in each book come from all over the world 2 The princesses are not only beautiful but SMART too3 The young reader will also be introduced to words from different languages4 There's a glossary5 There are princesses of all different ages The youngest is eight years old 36 The artwork is a feast for the eyes because of the color scheme Little readers will love just looking even if they can't read words yet7 If you're one to pay attention to detail like me then you will notice that the facial features characteristics for each princess is an honest representation of what a live person would look like from that specific part of the world that the fictional cartoon princess in the book represents I like this detail the most8 If your special little girl doesn't already feel like a princess before reading these books then she will for sure afterwards because I honestly believe she will be able to see herself in one of the charactersHighly recommended