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She was a stranger in a very strange landThere was no warning One moment Dara was jogging through her comfortable suburban neighborhood the next she was regaining consciousness somewhere The stars were all wrong She was utterly aloneBut without food shelter or the local language Dara could not hope to keep her freedom She is captured by hunters and taken to their lord's estates there to be trained as a servant In the process she learns much about the world where must spend the rest of her life On Khyren a woman's only status lies in her fertility and men must fight to hold on to wealth and power For some there is lovebut Dara puts such hopes aside in her determination to find a path through the maze of intrigue science and superstition that is KHYREN

10 thoughts on “Khyren

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    Didn't care for the way it switched from a medieval style wagons with beasts of burden swords etc setting to high tech sci fi setting space ships advanced medical implant bombs ability to beam into places

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    I am re reading this than 20 years after I first read it while I have forgotten most of it I remember feeling it was a mind blowing read and one of my all time favourites I am now than a third through it and still enjoying itFinished it today a lot of fun and an enjoyable read very well written Only 4 stars because the only flaw a matter of personal taste was I wanted Dara to be gay

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    A excellent variation on the classic fantasy theme of modern person is sucked into a Fantasy world From there the book twists into a surprising science fiction story and never went where I thought it would I almost didn't read this and man am I glad rescued it from the sell pile Turned out to be a really great read

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    Please don't judge this book by its cover Between the weird pale blue covers is a great tale of world travel an 80s woman from the United States suddenly lost in the wilderness of some other planetRomantic adventurous fun surprising violent ironic and smooth this book is a great quick read

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    This is an excellent book about an Earth woman who is transported to another planet through an accident She is enslaved by kind people and learns to live with them She has all the usual cultural differences to get used to as she can never go home again She becomes an object of mystical powers because she has had a child and the people no longer have children

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    I must have liked this than I thought as I have two copies of it Thats worth an extra star