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Hazel Mendes arrives in Sandy Beach lonely and exhausted After having to bury her mother three months ago she left her hometown in the hopes to start over again A life without her mother but with the burden of the debt incurred with paying for her medical billsEthan Paxton has recently returned from London to live in Sandy Beach and open up his own investing portal When he sees Hazel at the beach lost and depressed the only thing he wants is to take her into his armsHazel agrees to just one night with him One night to forget the misery of her life When she leaves him the next day she wishes she could stay Will Ethan be able to convince her to give them a chance? Or will her dark secret destroy everything?This is the fourth book in the LOVE IN SANDY BEACH series this 5 book big family contemporary romance series continues where THE ARMSTRONGS left off And you’ll meet many off your beloved Armstrong heroes againIt features hunky strong and romantic males and independent empowered and sexy women They’re passionate funny and deeply caring but also have their flaws and hardshipsReaders who enjoy contemporary romance women’s fiction and new adult romance can relate to the Paxton siblings and their love interestsThe books contain steamy scenes and deep emotions Each of the books can be read as a stand alone novel but for enjoyment you might want to read them in order Characters from one book follow through to the next books Due to mature content recommended for readers aged 18

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    4 starsI purchased a copy of Sandy Beach Kisses The Complete Collection 1 5 by Jessica Gray and this review was given freelyJessica Gray includes all of the Paxton children except Reese in this emotional entertaining heartwarming and thoroughly enjoyable series All the characters and their chosen significant others are vastly different but blend to form a strong caring and loving family The stories flow easily as Jessica Gray weaves love at first sight a little fighting and steamy love scenes together in this emotion packed series