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The true story of Santa Claus is not for children For five hundred years the man the world knows as Kris Kringle has ruled the northland with an iron will forcing the native Alephs to labor in his Work Shop But now this than mortal being is dying and it falls to the only other man who knows the northland’s history to tell the tale That tale is THE PASSING OF BOSS KRENKEL a centuries spanning saga of legend longing and loss Narrated by the Aleph lore keeper Aezhiil Engaart it is a tale of the power of dreams the sated dreams of children the shattered dreams of a people And it is the tale of one man’s struggle to preserve a stolen past only to find that he must gather the courage to face an unknown future Featuring two richly imagined worlds a cast of vivid characters and a wholly original mythology THE PASSING OF BOSS KRENKEL will delight readers not just on Christmas Eve but all year round

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    J D Belyi says “The true story of Santa Claus is not for children” and that is undoubtedly true but what a clever imaginative and dark tale the author has spun It is as far from the original Santa Claus legend as one can possibly envision The book is frightfully clever mystical and imaginative The narrator Aezhiil Engaart tells us the story of the Alephs an exploited indigenous people by a rather horrible man Boss Krenkel After reading the story it really didn’t matter to me what Boss Krenkel's Sentacloss original motives may have been I was miffed at him It also occurred to me that J D Belyi may have been making a cunning allegorical statement regarding undiscovered peoples their knowledge and resources that are subjected to years of exploitation after their lands are invaded by unwanted conquerorsIf you’re in the mood for a bizarre spine chilling and ever so intelligent story with tremendous world building you’re sure to enjoy THE PASSING OF BOSS KRENKEL It made me shiver gave me goosebumps and caused me to laugh out loud J D Belyi is a master at balancing scary material with a wicked sense of humor A ghastly good read for teens and adults