The Alpha Girl's Guide PDF/EPUB ç The Alpha PDF/EPUB

Alpha Female adalah para perempuan yang menginspirasi memimpin menggerakkan orang sekitarnya dan membawa perubahan Mereka cerdas percaya diri dan independen Bagaimana remaja dan perempuan muda bisa mengembangkan diri menjadi mereka? The Alpha Girl’s Guide akan membahas tips tipsnya seperti Mana yang lebih penting nilai atau pengalaman berorganisasi? Apakah teman kamu teman sejati atau teman yang menghambat? Bagaimana mengetahui cowok parasit dan manipulatif? Bagaimana bersikap saat patah hati? Apakah kamu akan menikah untuk alasan yang tepat? Apa yang penting dilakukan saat memulai bekerja?Buku ini adalah hasil pengamatan riset artikel wawancara langsung dan diskusi dengan banyak perempuan di media sosial Askfm Ditulis dengan ringan penuh ilustrasi kocak tetapi tetap blak blakan menohok The Alpha Girl’s Guide akan membuat kamu terinspirasi menjadi cewek smart independen dan bebas galauBuku ini juga berisi wawancara inspiratif dengan dua Alpha Female Indonesia dari dua generasi Najwa Shihab dan Alanda Kariza

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    I'm glad to have this book as an introduction of the term Alpha Girl in Indonesia A good start to dig about Alpha Girl and be one of them Easy writing language with interesting ilustrations List of reflections attached resumed the content of the topic Overall what the book discussed is important as the basic to be an Alpha Girl

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    The book has been a trending topic everywhere I go to coffee shops college girls and high school girls are busy and excited talking about the book Henry Manampiring is surely did very well on making a new trend in the youngsters The way Henry writes the diction are very friendly and understandable for youngsters to digest Me as a twenty something woman with an older mental age found the book as supports to my thoughts of women and her life nowadays spent one day to finish the book Cute and funny illustrations help the readers to digest easier about the topic The topic range from schools career friends love life even sex no not the explicit one It is an eye opening for young girls and maybe it is good for parents who have daughters to read Wondering how will the young girls act towards this trend 'Alpha GirlAlpha Female' are they going to make it as their new goals? I wish they won't get it wrong

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    Om Piring did a fine job on describing and informing to the young girls out there on how to be fearless in an enjoyable way With illustrations anybody would like to see on a book and the actual sight directly from the Alpha Woman out there Cool There are some writing that I dislike though not because of its content but on how Om Piring tried to put a joke in a somehow formal language hah ok nevermind Overall I find this book informative and would love to recommend it to my friends whom I believe are the Alpha candidates by how their 'energy' sparkle in front of my sight and still make me amaze on day to day Yes I'm talking about you