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It's you Princess Ethan says You're perfect and I need you in my life Rule #15 – We have to cuddle as much as possible All the time Every night I love you I say mumbling not sure how to tell him exactly how I feel about him right now I love you too he says I love you so much Can you tell me what you meant before? I ask About the girl stuff? Yeah he says genuine What I meant to say is that this is hard for me It's hard being away from you I think if you were here with me it'd be different Everyone could see we're together right? They'd know and then I could focus solely on you and you alone Right now though the way things are and the way I left things last year everyone thinks it's a joke or something Or that I'm making it up or that me saying I have a girlfriend now is some kind of game It's not a game to me Princess It's real than anything I've ever experienced before and I guess I just want everyone to know it but I don't know how to get the point across I know why they do it I don't know if I can tell Ethan but It's because they've all only ever had a week A week isn't enough with you Ethan I've had over two months with you and that's not even enough I don't know how much is enough I don't even know if it's possible to get enough I wish I'd known how much I had before

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    AwesomeI love these books But I have to watch out who's around when reading them cause 50 questions from my 6 year old can be awkward LOL

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    Getting progressively worseYes it's true this chapters are getting progressively worse I can't hardly believe that I previously gave this soap opera a four star rating This episode dealt with someone posting your image and your words illegally on the internet; the billionaire father businessman can easily hire lawyers and handle the situation at hand but in this illogical tale that wasn't even in any one radar Don't even going to go into the mother discussing with daughter and stepson a threesome she the mother had with two other girls during her college day

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    Definitely one of the funnier books in the seriesThis is such a great series I’m constantly amazed at how open all the parental relationships are I seriously could not imagine a conversation with my mother like Ashley has with hers Lol But it all makes for a great book But Ashley and Ethan made it through the first day apart but not without some challengesI can’t wait to see what the next book brings

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    First day back at schoolAshley and her mom to her school Ethan and his dad go to his school Ethan gets hit on 3 times the first day No one believes him Ashley has problems with Jake causing her problems already hanging flyer all over school with her picture and text Kent for Ethan

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    EpisodesMini episodes series A little addicting once I started I really can't stop I guess I need to find out what happens in the end

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    The series seems to be getting a bit challenging for Mia since the couple is now at the school I'm finding I'm not as eager as before to get to the next booksnippet

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    So far awayDifferent colleges is gonna be hard for Ethan Ashley Especially with Jake around With the help of new old friends these 2 should make it

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    What a great series butI really enjoy this series but I wish the author would make them longer I can read a season in one day I just wish she would maybe do an entire week per book Writing about only one day can include a lot of details and I'm glad she doesn't just give us a few paragraphs per day and I wouldn't take a single scene out they were all just as important as the next But every time I read one novella I want and I want it NOW not too petulent ; Now about this story I really enjoyed each scene as I mentioned And I think each one was important This is their first time being separated and you can feel the emotion of what they are feeling and how difficult it is for each of them to be away from each other and to return to a place where they had entirely different lives You can see how much they changed and grew up over the summer I know pretty much everyone has experienced this type of emotion before for a loved one so expect at least a tear or twoIt is also great to see how the relationship between the two characters and their parents has changed over the summer and how Ethan is able to have a relationship with him finally since his mother's death I especially love how his father is taking the extra effort to try to communicate with Eathan in a way that he can understand you'll LOVE thatI hate yet love the way the author brings in characters from the previous seasons Jake Caleb and Scarlet If you haven't read the extra scents on wwwCherrylillycom then do that before you read this novellaWhat I don't understand and wish the author would have elaborated how Caleb and Scarlet know exactly where Ethan's room is since he just checked into his dorm room and how they know about what Jake has done at a campus five hours away I also don't understand why Ashley didn't transfer schools knowing Jake is going to cause problems and that she doesn't want to be parted from Ethan Overall this definitely a great read but read all the previous ones first I love how we get to see Ashley and Ethan grow up and become a better version of themselves They both become confident and have to learn how to be the biggerbetter person They will have a lot of battles to fight their sopho year And I just know that they will be able to battle these storms together and have each other to lean on It takes open communication in all areas of your life for a relationship to work and they have that

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    This is starting to get old Nothing much happens until the last chapter Am skimming over most of the sex scenes now as I have read delicious as fuck and sexy as fuck than enough times now And what is up with smart Ashley Never checks caller ID and doesn't block his number Find me one teenager that doesn't check to see who is calling before answering And hell she keeps the ex's number unblocked for what reason She is pretty damn dumb for a supposed smart girl