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They don’t call him Lucky Les for nothing A ticket in a raffle and Norton was off to the US of A where it turned out hot red hot and it wasn’t just the weather Night club brawls mafia hitmen and too many girls called Lori all in a sea of margaritas Even for Les Norton it was just too hot to handle So it was off to the Caribbean where Millwood Downie — schoolteacher historian and would be stand up comic — helps Les trace his family tree and possibly uncover the biggest earn ever

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    As of now I've read 4 books in this series The last time 3rd book I read listened to this series I told myself never again It seems that I have forgotten that only remembered at about halfway through this 4th book I think this book is meant to be humourous so it's chock a block full of political incorrectness I'm not so straight and narrow that I can't laugh at some political incorrectness BUT when I said 'chock a block' full I mean this book is full of it from beginning to end 14 hours of listening It wasn't even that funny no LOLs from me What really annoyed me though was attitude towards women sexist comments Maybe this book is meant to be a spoof? Or maybe it truly reflects men's attitudes towards women in the 80s? But really mate NO MoreAnd for some reason I thought this series is meant to be some sort of mystery but there's bugger all No plot no direction and just full rambling of the 'adventure' of an Aussie bloke with money to throw around having a holiday in the US Jamaica Ugh Why did I go for the 14 hours' listening? Because I kept thinking oh this is it here comes the mystery bit Well I just set myself up for a disappointmentBtw do NOT listen to this audiobook with children around unsuitable contents language

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    This was my first read of Robert G Barrett's and it had me hooked its old school and just a great laugh its Aussie through and through