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This is the story of Bianca Bianca was only twenty one when her family was killed in a tragic accident When her aunt and uncle move in and make it very clear that they want nothing to do with her she takes the only option of escape given to her She becomes a mail order bride But any hope of love is dashed on her first day when Jonah makes it clear to her that he does not want her to be his anything except a permanent maid Jonah Cassidy is sure that he does not want anything to do with love The only reason he married Bianca was to ensure that she didn’t leave as his other housekeepers had done But Jonah finds himself at war with his own emotions when Bianca proves to be everything that he believed he did not want but has always yearned for Will he chance his heart on her?

10 thoughts on “Cowboy For Christmas

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    Bride Interesting book about young lady and becoming a mail order bride and how her life changes and what she learns

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    Good book

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    didn't like it the writing was grim dnf 60%

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    The plot is okay but the writing is weak I felt like way too many details were left out of the story It gave the impression that the author was in hurry to write this book