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When rivalry and hate mixes with smoldering attraction can their hearts survive? Winning a reality TV show was a dream come true for Gavin Cross and not only because it launched him into superstardom No the real prize is that he and his band are going to get to go on tour with his favorite band of all time Crossroads and maybe even get to spend some time with Mark Tisdale the lead singer who inspires Gavin like no one else But dreams that come true aren't always what they seem Gavin finds himself stunned by just how hostile the handsome Mark is toward him In fact the only use Mark seems to have for Gavin is sexual and though Gavin is confused he finds himself unable to resist When feelings start to develop though Gavin has to face some difficult questions Why does Mark hate him so much? If things get serious will Gavin be able to overcome a conservative background in order to be with Mark? Can love really happen between people who started off so badly? Rockstar Rivals is a stand alone gay erotic romance with very explicit and fully realized sex scenes

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    When rivalry and hate mixes with smoldering attraction can their hearts survive? Ide ceritanya sih menarik tentang Gavin Cross penyanyi rock muda dari band Star Crossed yang mengawali langkah karirnya setelah memenangkan kontes di Next American Superstar yang memberinya peluang melakukan konser tur bersama grup band terkenal Crossroads Mark Tisdale petolan Crossroads ternyata idola Gavin Sayangnya awal pertemuan mereka tidak seindah yang diharapkan Mark jelas2 menunjukan ketidaksukaannya kepada Gavin yg dianggapnya mencoba merebut popularitasnya Tema benci jadi sukacinta sudah pasti merupakan mainstrem favorit saya sayangnya jalan ceritanya terlihat cheesy mirip novel teenlit ato drama sinetron Dari keseluruhan buku cuma 3 bab awal yang mampu saya nikmati Banyak alasan yg bikin saya kurang suka dgn novel ini 1 cinta instan ✔ 2 kata2 lebay bertebaranview spoilerbabydarlinbikin eneg hide spoiler

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    I liked this story It was a quick and easy say read I'd have given it a 4 if not for the ending I felt like it was missing to the story Did it last? Did Gavin's family accept the relationship? A bit of closure