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Enjoy historical fiction? Like short stories? Then dive into this collection of historical shorts by an award winning author You’ll find stories of heroism love and adventure such as a panicked bachelor faced with an arranged marriage a man battling a blizzard to get home for his child’s birth a Viking shield maiden exploring a new world and a young boy torn between love for his ailing grandmother and duty to an Empress Whether set in imperial Rome colonial America or the ancient African Kingdom of Kush these stories bring to life men and women struggling to survive and thrive—the eternal human condition

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    Delightful collection of 4 short stories from different historical periods plus an excerpt from one of the author's novels The reluctant groom purportedly about the author's 7 times great grandfather Because of his shortness and a stutter he feels no one would want to marry him and resists at first meeting a young woman being introduced to him by an elder of his church 18th century Pennsylvania The bitter winter The same man far from home rushes to home to his wife due to give birth through a terrible blizzard This brings on memories of a terrible winter thirty years earlier in the century when he and his family are trying to escape a war torn and famine ridden Germany to England The jar The journeys of a jade jar from China to Newfoundland with the Vikings and finally discovered by an archaeologist who wonders at its being there In between it has passed through many handsAngel of the Marshes a young boy Angelus is torn between his duty to staying with his sick grandmother and to guiding Galla Placidia 5th century Western Roman princess through the marshes around Ravenna to escape her brother the emperor Angelus makes his decision and acts on itA quick read