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When Princess Illyra meets Karathos her father’s Orc prisoner she agrees to help him escape if he will take her with him away from her dysfunctional family A deal with the devil or will she discover large side benefits to the arrangement? Karathos has no intention of keeping the human girl he only needs her to escape the dungeon Keeping human slaves for sexual pleasure was a disgusting practice But the girl has unexpected talents and secrets that change his view of his own life Can he escape his destiny? Will he want to?

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    Short story set in a fantasy kingdom The princess rescues an Orc or battle elf as they are called in the story The orc doesn't want a human an plans to drop her off at the nearest village while making his escape but he finds out that she is quiet useful pleasant to have around so he keeps her She hides the fact that she was a princess for most of the story and some sort of magic is used to make her mostly forget and embrace her slave state