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Whole Education is what your parents tried to teach you It is what real teachers tried to teach you teaching to the student not the test This is the real type of education that you have been denied too long Rhetoric and scholarship by writing composition we say This is our definition We learn by precision But not rote memorization We are the future Built by the tears and blood and cries of various ghosts from long past We are learning to be scholars to make a true foundation that will last Welcome to real education Welcome to whole self actualization We are writing this in poem form so you can realize your worth We are not numbers we are scholars We are not even just a race a creed or a color we are universal We are jacks of all trades This was and is the reason that The College of Ideas and Expressions was instituted Teaching and Learning is a dual focused lifestyle We live we learn and we instruct others We do this all simultaneously We have truly learned that before and we will relearn again Some of us have just forgotten what we have learned

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