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Gaia Speaks You used to adore me You took my bounty gratefully and before my loving sight developed your skills as will a child in the sight of mother You worshipped me and my fruitfulness I tested you with adversity which made you strong But in time you selfishly saw Earth’s bounty as your due You now have a choice between stewardship or devastationAbout Gaia’s Majesty DiscoveryOur earth mother Gaia was intrigued by clever creatures developing on her Earth She believed they held promise but also danger for themselves and her planetWisely Gaia reserved a gifted population of women dedicated to earth’s stewardship to safeguard the future of humankind They remained in cities in the sea called Tethys They would be a genetic pool if she needed to restart the species The ones in the sea were called Progenitors and had lower fishlike bodies when in the sea but could morph to totally human form on land Some members called Primals lived on the land and among them were a defense force predominantly women called the Andromeda From these people were born the myths of mermaids and s Together they are called TethyansOpposed to the Tethyans are the Overlords While Tethyans devote themselves to the stewardship of humankind and the earth the Overlords are devoted only to profit and powerGaia’s Majesty Discovery begins the trilogy which explores if Gaia’s preparations will succeed Is this story a myth or like so many myths does it reside on the cusp of reality?

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    Review ExcerptIts obvious the author put thought into the world he created what with the Maelstrom Overlords Primals etc I also like the way he’s trying to tackle basic issues like the need to care for our world but the way in which it is handled does not lend itself to an enjoyable readOverall I just wish there was a bit show a lot less tell some character refinement and some of the unnecessary length added by some of the other problems to be taken out As I said before its an intriguing idea it just needs some polishingFor a full review please click hereDisclaimer I received a copy of this book from the author for review consideration

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    A mythological read Excellent The protectors of the earth struggle against the Overlords who can be brutal Each has to find her own way with the subtle direction of Gaia Mother Earth This is a gifted population of mermaidsmermen who can live on earth or in the sea I couldn't stop reading this book I had to find out what happens I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads

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    The story was a little slow in getting to the point The idea of Overlords Gaia Primals etc was well thought out but the abundance of excess words made it hard to keep my attention I will admit I would like to read the second book just to see if it is better I want to see the if Gaia can achieve her plan through Chantia and the rest of her peopleI won this book in a Goodreads giveaway