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Gay Viking Dragon Shifter Mpreg RomanceErlendr a young Viking warrior is faced with a choice Go as a hostage with the powerful and mysterious Dragon King Kolbeinn or risk the lives of his people He chooses to submit to the virile alpha Dragon King to return to the King’s castle with him and to serve him in his warand in his bed At first Erlendr resents the King but as a threat greater than any he had ever known looms closer he begins to see his master in a new light Erlendr cannot keep his eyes off of the King’s rough handsome features or his strong irresistible body The King in turn feels his lust for the young Viking growing beyond his control The only thing keeping them apart is war but when an enemy army threatens them all and the King risks losing his life and the rest of his line will Erlendr submit to the touch and fire of the Dragon King letting a man touch him for the first time? And ultimately will he allow the Dragon King to seed him with his heir in order to save the kingdom? Find out in this erotic steamy and adventurous gay shifter romance This is Book 1 of a complete series This is an 11300 word story 18 only

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    Short but quite steamy There is an interesting story here with complex characters culture and history The sex and mpreg parts are not the only components to the story there is a true plot with suspense and adventure War looms and one Norseman must make a life changing decision The cliffhanger for the serial is perfectly timed Glad all the parts are out at once so I can charge ahead with the story