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Too Good To Be True Tracy Simmons is determined to marry into money so when she meets Martin Jackson a wealthy tycoon and learns how much he is worth she does everything in her power to make sure he falls in love with her Martin Jackson seemed to be too good to be true He wines and dines her at the finest restaurants he even hires a driver to drive her around town in a luxury pearl white Mercedes Tracy wants for nothing but when Tracy starts to notice how paranoid and secretive Martin has become she becomes a little leery of him Tracy starts to second guess his reasoning for wanting her to quit her job and move into his mansion with him Was This All A Dream On the morning of August 31 Tracy awakes to find a middle aged couple standing over her in their bed She reaches over for Martin but Martin is not beside her Tracy blinks her eyes a couple of times just to make sure she is not dreaming Tracy later learns that Martin's cell phone is disconnected She finds out that he does not own or work at JP Investments Tracy is confused the man she loves is nowhere to be found so she is forced to deal with the truth that Martin Jackson is a fraud or is he? Has this all been a dream or has Tracy become a victim of the infamous Martin Jackson?

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