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He was The Lion the most formidable knight in the earldom Satisfied with his life he had no intention of marrying nor of leaving his rigorous soldiering profession His overlord however had other ideas She was Lady Alexandra of Larkspur young lovely and exceedingly willful She knew she must marry but The Lion would have been her last choice for a husband Forced into a marriage neither wants these unlikely lovers are destined to fight a spirited battle of wills Now only one question remains who will be taming whom? Rating Contains graphic love scenes

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    Real rating is 15 stars but I'm giving the author the benefit of the doubt because I liked A Saxon's Love so much and am rounding this puppy up to 2 stars Let me start by saying I like campy romance in the same vein as campy horror a la Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead Pillow's Maiden and the Monster is a good example of what I mean a medieval romance whose hyperbolic descriptions and characters are so over the top you have to chuckle and smile Taming the Lion is not this type of romance unfortunately It is written as a serious medieval romance yet the characters' behaviors are so out of their times that it is almost beyond bearing Our intrepid heroine Lady Alex would have been beaten or killed for the majority of her ill conceived actions had this been a realistically written story killing a warhorse because she has to race it slapping the husband refusing this and that acting like she still owns the place dressing like a boy and wandering the nearby village practicing swordsmanship and archery with the knights Oh and did I mention that she reads ancient Greek Latin and three other modern languages like a scholar? Her character as well as Lionel's has so many conflicting and unreal traits as to be ludicrous And definitely not campy Phrase that should never ever be used tumescent manroot WTF?