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Amanda Labreaux is living a nightmare She has just been sold into slavery by her own half brother Transported against her will the Cajun beauty must learn to survive the sultry cruel world of Jamaican plantation life answering to the name Fancy Can she escape her fate? Can she return to Louisiana and defeat her half brother? And most importantlycan she protect her tender heart from Jackson Carlyle the man who calls her slave? Rating Contains sexual content and violence

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    Amanda Labreaux is half owner of a plantation with her halfbother Harold she is a little naive when it come's to slave holding society untill her half brother sales her into slavery as a mulatte slave named Fancybut certain events in this new life will soon change her opinion of slavery completely Jackson Carlyle is also a plantaion oner who has just bought a new slave fancy to help in the kitchenbut also intends to use her as his pesonal slave as well The story line was a greatand strong it shares it's view's on why slavery is wrongand should be abolished the Charcters had a flare of thier own Amanda just wants to get awayand get back to Labreaux plantation so she can free her own slavesand Jackson who has fallin for his new mulatte slave named fancy only wants to keep her I gave this story a 5 because of the story line itself it was wonderfully written a good love stroy with a twist loving someone you can never really haveand knowing even though you love that someone society still looks down upon it

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    Can anybody please link me where I could buy the ebook? I've been searching around Barnes Noble etc Couldn't find anythingThanks much