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Drug addiction prostitution domestic violence child abuse bullying unforgiveness and shame sounds like the makings of a great urban fiction novel But wait a minute these are true stories Stories of ridicule retribution and finally redemption No Test No Testimony is a no holds barred look at the lives of ten women who have experienced some of the most tumultuous storms life has to offer Yet they have managed to find peace in the storm You'll laugh you'll cry but most importantly you'll be transformed as you identify your truth between the pages of this book Imani Faith Publishing presents No Test No Testimony riveting heart wrenching testimonies of triumph that give you evidence of God's faithfulness from some of the most prolific overcomers of our time

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    What No Test No Testimony revealed to me was the reality God is truly gathering His people Each woman in this book bared their souls in the keeping of we are our brothers' keepers As a reader you will know God sent you to the wisdom revealed in this book There is no way you can read it and not relate to than at least three of the stories I personally found it strengthening to know the healing power of God is using authors to heal His people If you want answers to the whys of life this book is for you