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All her life Lara Rae Brecken has dreamed of Old Ireland and the world below where the fey folk were exiled after the land above was taken But in Logan County West Virginia the only world below is the mine The churches the houses the schools even the police belong to the coal company So when Lara's childhood friend Barrow starts going to union meetings his family is thrown out of their homeWith nothing to lose Lara and Barrow spend their last dime to get to New York City But when Barrow leaves to fight in the World War and factory work turns out to be no better than the mine Lara wonders if she's escaped anything at all or just gone tumbling down an even darker underworld Spirited away to Boston by an Irish rebel it seems her luck may have finally improved That is until she finds herself face to face with the fey folk one cold October night

10 thoughts on “Beneath Blair Mountain

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    This was a compelling and spooky story incorporating historical events and horror of a good ghost story It was cleverly structured back and forth in time which made you want to turn the page and find out what happened next and how Lara got to be where she was Barnsley does a good job making us afraid and sorrowful not only for her tragic heroine but for the millions of people who tragically suffered as well in her time The ending was very provocative giving new meaning to the notion of ghosts being trapped in the world of the living I gave it four stars because I wanted a little but that's just me I do think this novella was very well written

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    Beautifully written An amazing work that combines historical fiction and fantasy where every chapter leaves you wanting to read the next one right away It’s the kind of story that makes you dream that all the tales of magic you were told growing up are true

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    Vivid and poetic this heart wrenching story explores themes of inequality belonging and identity in withered husk of the American Dream Shannon's prose is beautiful the themes timeless Like the fae of her story her work rends salt tears that burn into the mind of the reader and gaze towards contemporary events under the poignant lens of history

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    Great ReadEvery sentence and passage bursts with meaning and imagery Thoughtful and thought provoking A story of a time long past and yet so relevant today A serial novella What a unique ride

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    A very enjoyable quick read

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    This author uses her prose to create vivid images in the reader's mind The weaving of myth history horror and social upheaval grabs you The story is dark the meaning ambiguous The ending leaves you pondering Beneath Blair Mountain is well worth the read