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A Bad Boy trying to be good a Good Girl driven to be bad and a five year old who wants to rule the world Being good is so freaking hard And boring Flynn Boyle has only been doing it for a couple of hours and already he's had enough For some reason everybody thinks he's out of control when all he's doing is living his life having fun and trying to get over an injury that's ruined his soccer career Now he's being blamed for the fact Abby's family want to take her kid from her He's got one week to prove he isn't a bad influence on Abby or her terrorist child If he screws this up Abby loses the kid and Flynn loses his chance to get into his sexy neighbor's bed He's never backed away from a challenge on the field or off He can be good for one damn weekmaybehopefully

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    325 stars

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    35 stars Ex football star and renowned bad boy recovering from a career ending injury Flynn meets widowed single momAbby with very precocious daughter Kate the terrorist LOL and due to circumstances tries to reformand grow upLots of sillyover the top stuff but if you go with the flow you'll probably enjoy this book as much as I didFlynn at some point got on my nerves but his interactions with little Kate made me smile throughout the story He's a 29 years old CHILDAbby didn't stand out much as a MCShe acts like she's affronted by Flynn's behavior but she always ends up doing whatever he and her daughter Kate wantI rated it 35 stars because I was entertained all the way through and little Kate was AWESOME even if I've never met a 5 years old that's so precocious and wittyWho cares She was hilarious XDAlsoI didn't see the twist comingIt's a good thing but it was rushed and wrapped up too quickly and I didn't quite believe Abby's reactionI Loved the Invertary community and I'll definitely read about them in this series D

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    Nice plot twist A very good story with an unseen plot twist towards the end It wrapped up a bit quickly for me but the epilogues are nice to get that hint of the future so when she tells her final story there is closure amongst them all

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    Dialogue is whitty prose descriptive Makes for a great read Read and you'll have a smile on your face for days I ran into a pair of red tartan shoes yesterday and had a secret chuckle

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    Another enjoyable romp in Invertary I'm not usually a fan of single parent books since I really don't like young kids but Katy is written as an adorable little hustler who will steal your heart I don't think Flynn is ever really a 'bad boy' as much as he is a spoiled kid He learns to grow up in the book and become comfortable in his own skin which is nice I liked Abby and the problems with her family were written well