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This is the greatly revised and greatly expanded Second Edition of the hugely popular Numerical Recipes The Art of Scientific Computing The product of a unique collaboration among four leading scientists in academic research and industry Numerical Recipes is a complete text and reference book on scientific computing In a self contained manner it proceeds from mathematical and theoretical considerations to actual practical computer routines With over 100 new routines bringing the total to well over 300 plus upgraded versions of the original routines this new edition remains the most practical comprehensive handbook of scientific computing available today Highlights of the new material include A new chapter on integral equations and inverse methods Multigrid and other methods for solving partial differential equations Improved random number routines Wavelet transforms The statistical bootstrap method A new chapter on less numerical algorithms including compression coding and arbitrary precision arithmetic The book retains the informal easy to read style that made the first edition so popular while introducing some advanced topics It is an ideal textbook for scientists and engineers and an indispensable reference for anyone who works in scientific computing The Second Edition is availabe in FORTRAN the traditional language for numerical calculations and in the increasingly popular C language

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