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Kerry McCormack a young Dublin wife and mother dreams of trading her cubicle bound job for a simpler life After years of a satisfying marriage she's grown apart from her husband Stephen the strong silent type whose practical nature masks his longing for a close family Unresolved grief is only creating distance between themjust as a dilemma from Kerry's past suddenly comes to light When Kerry accepts an unexpected invitation from an old friend of Stephen's a friend she once fancied to spend a weekend in the little village of Ballydara she's anticipating an idyllic family holiday with free spirited Will and his family Yet the grief shadowing her makes her a little too susceptible to Will's charm He's the catalyst that exposes long buried secrets between Kerry and Stephen and the regrets that haunt them both As Kerry's hopes for love and following her dreams are turned upside down she wonders will she have the courage for a fresh start? The Hopeful Romantic was a pleasure to read for its engaging characters its authenticity and its unforgettable momentsa poignant and sometimes humorous old fashioned romantic story Chanticleer Reviews

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    This Irish romance takes place in Dublin and the village of Ballydara Kerry McCormack and her husband Stephen seem to be growing further apart and Kerry cannot stop thinking about their old friend Will Her feelings for him are rekindled when they are invited to his farm in the village of Ballydara even though Will is married with a family of his own Kerry falls in love with the farm and village and yearns for the country life she always wanted It is almost too late when she realizes that her happiness is right in front of her and the past is just a dream I enjoyed reading this romance and was captivated by the beautiful descriptions of the Irish countryside Most of the characters were quite endearing and I look forward to reading about them in the sequel to this book I received this book from Goodreads in exchange for an honest review