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When Megan McKenna was fourteen years old she received a love letter and a bouquet of her favorite yellow flowers She might have been swept off her feet if it weren’t for the fact that the unexpected attention had come from a nerdy sixteen year old with an overbite and terrible eyesight Embarrassed she tossed the flowers and letter into the trash without the courage to even look back at the face behind those coke bottle glasses By the end of the school year the boy had moved away from their little Irish town and Megan was left with a guilty conscience—and a slightly queasy feeling at the sight of yellow flowers Ten years later after breaking up with her cheating fiancé and subsequently finding herself at the wrong end of a public scandal Megan has decided she’s done with men And no she doesn’t care how hot the new doctor is She’s not interested Dr David O’Brien has accepted a temporary position in a small country town; a town he hasn’t seen since he was sixteen when his family moved to America A town he hasn’t seen without the aid of coke bottle glasses

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    This book is certainly a follow up to it's predecessor Where the Pink Houses Are but is by no means unable to properly stand on its own The story grabs you from the beginning and won't let go until the last pages when it feels as though all has been resolved but still leaves you wanting The characters come to life in a continuously illuminating thread of vivid color and life as the unfolds on each page I was immediately invested in Megan and Jamie's lives wondering what would happen next As soon as Brenna popped into view I recalled that she's had quite a journey through the first book but there is enough natural explanation to account for the many questions I had The imagery is a door of escape to a world of lush greenery and ancient architecture that holds unspoken historyThere is a charm about the small town of Millway and its inhabitants that invites you in and expects you to stay for tea

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    Everything I like wrapped up in this seriesI felt like part of the family Interesting twist and how relationship's develop Good to read how faith and prayer guide them and give comfort Look forward to from this author

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    This book is so good I can't wait to read by this author

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    I thoroughly enjoyed Where the Yellow Flowers Grow The characters were lively and likable The townof Millway came alive on the pages and it was easy to picture the Irish countryside Megan and David face some very challenging issues which Rebekah Ruth handled with grace and faith intermingled with lightheartedness Having read the first book in the series Where the Pink Houses Are I already loved Megan and Brenna and was interested to see where this adventure led them I was not disappointed