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Without Yesterday Mona’s War is a novel combining fiction with well researched historical detailDuring the Second World War in occupied France the Gestapo aided by the Milice confronts resistance groups determined to achieve liberation Two young women from vastly different backgrounds victims of Nazi reprisals meet under dramatic circumstances Struggling to survive in a cauldron of lies and deceit where trust is a rare commodity one has the opportunity to save the life of the other at the expense of her own life Honesty and trust become rare qualities everyone has choices to make with no guarantee of a secure outcome Time is precious lives are at stake and a Nazi leader is attempting to protect his future unaware of its consequencesThis compelling novel is a stark reminder of the dark years of WWII in occupied France by an author who takes the reader on a journey from the aftermath of the Great War to the barbarism of the Nazis during the occupation of France in WWII

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    This book which I bought directly from the author tells a gripping story of German occupation of the most rural area France as it affected the lives of the inhabitants and the two principal characters in particularThorough research of the occupying forces their French acolytes and the local resistance movements has enabled the author to weave his story through the lives of actual people and real events such that the reader is unable to distinguish the fact from the fiction It tells of the barbarism by which the Nazis controlled the region The characters are solid and credible with their most tender emotions depicted with sensitivityThis is an enjoyable read with a surprising ending Images of Violette Szabo the SOE agent captured interned and executed at Ravensbruck at the time of the liberation of France came to mind however this is not a story of that gallant ladyWith so many small place names mentioned I imagine a person who does not know the area would find a small sketch map helpful showing the relative geography of one place to another Perhaps the author might consider including this in a future editionThis is a compelling story of love fortitude and generosity of the human spirit in the most adverse of situations and conditions Thoroughly recommended