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Eniyah Verns always had to hustle to survive With her mother on drugs she has to work the block to keep food on the table for her sibling and herself Now at 18 years old she is ready to leave the street life behind and focus on college It has always been her dream to get out of the slums of Mississippi and move on to a better life All of that changes when the infamous Romario Jones sets his sights on her Standing at 6'3 smooth light brown skin mesmerizing light brown eyes and a fly swag to match Romario Jones has always been the ladies dream catch Things only gets better when their former mentor Hypno steps down and hands Romario and his friend Jace his drug empire Thing quickly unravel as jealousy love and tragedy strikes Jace won't stop at nothing until he gets back what Romario has stolen from him Can Eniyah survive the grimy streets of the Sip while also steering clear of her growing feelings for Romario or will she stay in the game that she is fighting to get out of?

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    Amazing Speechless

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    NoooooooNoooooo there has to be to the story The last page said The End but it can't end like this Poor Eniyah went through a lot in her young life and ended up in a love triangle I just can't accept that ending I hope that there is to this story You have to read this book to understand what I am talking about You will not be disappointed

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    Bitter SweetI loved this book I hate the way it ended just when I thought everything was going to get better Eniyah and her baby dies The book was well written though and it really made me care about the characters I look forward to reading stories by this particular author

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    Great story Pretty good book but it just didn't seem to run together for me don't get me wrong I lived the storyline but I felt it could have flowed a little better I still recommend this book and would love to read prt 2

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    Very well written dramaticStreet Soldier' suspenseful book kept me turning the pages Then romance lights up the candle in us I can not rave about the ending unless the second book has a twist to off set

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    Let their be a another bookYou have to have a second bookShy and the baby could be alive and she faved her death some a Jace wouldn't hurt her family

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    Great readOh man oh man I can't wait to read the follow up to this book It was really good Kudos to the author

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    GoodThis was a good read I would have liked but it is what it is so kudos to this writer

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    GoodThis was a good first book that I like and going to start Book 2 of Street Soldier and Thanks

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    Must readThis book is awesome for the Author to be so young she did an awesome job READ THIS BOOK It definitely deserves 5