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A Complete Story With NO CLIFFHANGER Tia Robinson was the head nurse for the emergency room at the hospital she worked and she absolutely loved her job While she was a strong and independent woman her one weakness was she could never say no to a patient and always would help someone in need Vladimir Vlad Sokolov was the new head of the Russian Mafia after the passing of his father A fierce and brutal leader Vlad valued family above all else even stepping in to take the reins of the family business from his older brother to keep him and his brother's growing family insulated from the mobster's life But when Vlad is betrayed by someone close to him who puts two slugs in his chest he finds himself in the emergency room at Tia's hospital Tia can't help but find this mysterious Russian attractive and once he is patched up keeps a close eye on him This starts an emotional roller coaster ride for them both as Vlad secretly escapes the hospital but contacts Tia to help him once an infection develops Never one to deny someone in need Tia finds herself helping him despite the risks involved Their lives become intertwined and as their love story unfolds they both face new enemies lies deception and betrayal but most of all learn about the power of family and love As a very special thank you to all the readers for supporting me I've included 2 Bonus surprises in this book Skip to the end to read and I hope you enjoy them

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