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It was cold but the stove held no fire Molly's schoolbooks were not by the door Onec again she had stopped to admire the doll in McCallaway's StoreAuthor Kevin Krogh masterfully blends two heartwarming tales into this one beautiful book The Doll in McCallaway's Store Enjoy feel good fiction at its best as you follow the improbable series of events that bring three families together through a little girl's prayer and the porcelain doll she wants for Christmas Become intimately acquainted with a palette of compelling characters such as Jacob Kikkert the poet whose faith in the love of the Heavenly Father is restored and little Molly Kikkert whose prayer inspires her father's poem Krogh's expert crafting plays your heart and touches your soul Lucky for all readers he continues his tales in his upcoming novels The Willow Switch and If You Should Go

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