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After the decades long assault by despotic Persia on the allied Greek states the Greeks finally defeated their massive enemy Now in the ancient Mediterranean world of Life After Death at Ipsambul war is imminent among the Greeks Arion the only child of a wealthy mercantile family on idyllic Lesbos had the education and security to evolve into a poetic soul As a boy growing into a man he is thrust into a violent world while his unscrupulous uncle is running the family estate To survive he must adjust and overcome injustice and cruelty This novel comprises Arion’s experiences while traveling to Sidon from Damaskos as a child with his father departing from Mytilene on Lesbos to sail south on the Aegean Sea as a juvenile traveling up the Nile to Ipsambul then returning to Greece as a young adult and at last arriving in glorious Athens during the Age of Perikles two years before the beginning of the Peloponnesian War On his journey he finds that the surprising puzzle of life allows romance and religion only in portions of reality hope and fantasy The novel spans twelve years ending in 433 BCTo assist potential readers in making good choices about whether or not to purchase any of the four volumes of Arion’s Odyssey I offer the following additional information about this tetralogy which is set in Classical Greece with the city state polis of Athens as one protagonist and Arion a human as the other Each volume of Arion’s Odyssey is a combination of historical novel ancient travelogue ancient poetry mythology religion and history If you would enjoy a saga as detailed as Melville’s Moby Dick as kaleidoscopic as Michener’s Iberia and as expansive as Hugo’s Les Miserable you might love this tetralogyRegarding Athens and its empire the following portion of each novel is similar to an ancient travelogueone third of Life After Death at Ipsambul volume 1one fifth of Aegean Fire volume 2one tenth of Beyond the Battle of Naupaktos volume 3one tenth of Return to Lesbos volume 4Set in the ancient Mediterranean world Arion’s Odyssey is an adult story about Arion a sensitive Greek boy becoming a man from a wealthy mercantile family on the Greek island of Lesbos It begins fourteen years prior to the inception of the Peloponnesian War and ends during that war it spans the period from 445 BC to 427 BCIf you would like to experience life in the ancient Mediterranean world then you will probably enjoy this adult story about coming of age there

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