Missy Violet and Me Coretta Scott KingJohn Steptoe Award

The summer that Viney is eleven years old is extraordinary It takes her out of school and puts her under the wing of Missy Violet a well loved midwife whose wise and warm ways help teach Viney about the business of catchin’ babies Suddenly Viney must learn about roots and herbs and their medicinal purpose understand the contents of Missy Violet’s “birthin’ bag” and contend with a snooty peer and wild irrepressible cousin—Charles Elister Paxton Nehemiah Windbush And all this before she actually helps to deliver a single baby At turns scary funny and exhilarating the rhythm of Viney’s rural life in the South quickens as she embraces her apprenticeship and finds her own special place as Missy Violet’s “best helper girl” Hot jiggetty

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    I really enjoyed this book it was very easy to read as well as made you feel like you were just listening to a story This book teaches children many things such as trying new things are a good thing having responsibility is also good and to always overcome your fears